madrid meet up - you are the one! sorry no pics only video :P hahahahha

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travbuddy madrid meet up
i contacted tirso long long long ago - sometime in march i think - that if ever i am in madrid - i would ask for his help to tour me around the city - now why him of all the people in madrid from travbuddy? because he is the most active! hahahahahahahahahaha

i dont have much time for internet when i was in spain, so i left it all to him - perdona mi amigo. i mean as what jc said - i promoted the meet up and tirso organized it.

he asked how many people i can bring and i said 12 people that i know are coming on madrid on the 11th. he asked mw what do we want to do in madrid? he had a couple of suggestions for me. i told him, something fun, something we should remember, something unorthodox but something that we shouldnt spend much money - i gave him a VERY TOUGH ASSIGNMENT ON THAT!!! hahahahahahaha otra vez perdona mi, mi amigo mio.
lauro beber la sorbetes! hahahahahaa
he suggested a flamenco dance sightseeing - i said no, he suggested museums - i told him - we are not exactly the museum type people! hahahahah hahaha. so he said he was going to surprise us! well i trusted him! what can be better than to trust a madrileño like himself! :D

so the day of the meet up came! i was already with a troup of travbuddies! hahahahahha my friends! WE ALL STAYED AT THE POP HOSTEL in madrid! i mean ALL OF US! hahahahaha the people inside the hostel were flaberrgasted that we all knew each other :D

the meeting point was at 3 pm at the estatua del oso, plaza del sol! that bear statue was fucking difficult to find - luckily i found it earlier together with ben and estephanie because we got lost while exploring madrid in the afternoon :D hahahahhahahahaha.

now tirso arranged something special for us - in the evening - we are invited to a pool party in a big house with a big swimming pool in the middle of madrid! bloody hell! (sorry ron, i borrowed your words) thats amazing.
lauro comer el tonno sandwich! hahahahahahahahha :D
the only entrance fee was to bring booze for the party!

the first part of meeting tirso - was he toured us around madrid and we went bar hopping in the afternoon! the guys loved it and i love it because were going through small narrow streets that no tourist would ever go to! i saw madrid not as a tourist - but someone who also lives there - beautiful city!

then after that we went back to the hostel to refresh and bring some things - as we are gonna meet again at 8 pm for the pool party again at the damn bear statue! hahahahahaha

when we were all there - one guy approached us and he was so shy - it was cam he was shy when he talked to us - but finally after a couple rounds of sangria in a bar he was out of his shell! hahahhaha thank you very much cam for treating all of with 3-4 glasses of sangria, some chorizos, hamon y queso! youre one of the best!

now juan carlos (stares at him like his mother) hahaha was late! well not exactly late but he was the last to come! when we saw each other he carried me and hugged me like a toy! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahahahahahaha.
fumar puede matar! hahahahahah hahaha

now were all set to go to the pool party! lori and hannah were drunk already! hahaha hahahah - inside the mansion - there was a big balloon castle where you can jump around and have fun! the pool was small but it was draped with flower petals.

tirso invited me to meet the host of the party - but i was too shy! i mean all the people WERE ACTUALLY DRESSED UP while us - i mean me - i look like i came from the chavola (hahahahahahahaha) i even had 4 bandages on my toes because i had fucking blisters on them! hahahahaha

the party was really nice - nice music - good mood - classy and very elite (that really made me feel uncomfortable) but dont mind me tirso i had fun! hahahahaha its just that i am thinking of the hours coz i have a flight early in the morning back to düsseldorf.

im sorry too that i didnt get to meet christina and her friend jroz, maybe next time?

so me, hanie, dave and robbo (he was so tired) to go back to the hostel and sleep for a while before our flight.

tirso, muchos gracias por la invitaccion. the party and the tour was amazing, an experience in madrid i will never forget! hasta luego mi amigo mio!

kat! thanks so much for coming i was touched that you said youre coming to madrid because of me! i had the opportunity to talk to you more than in düsseldorf! youre such a gem! im glad i saw you again!

dave you fool! hahaahaha i hope you got the right airport to barcelona! was nice spending my time with you as i didnt get the chance to talk to you also in düsseldorf.

jeff - they should give you an award! hahah youve been to europe how many times ONLY THIS YEAR?!! wtf?!

juan carlos - perdona mi, we didnt had time to get to know each other - but you were so nice and very warm and very hospitable. look forward in seeing you in the future!

bondo! - you didnt even talked to me :( *sniff*

the people who came were: - kat - australia - cam - australia - lauro  philippines/germany - smeeb - uk - lori   canada/uk - rubs  uk - hannah   australia/uk - estephanie  philippines/germany - juan carlos  spain - mark but we call him bondy (hahaha) uk - dave uk - alex australia/uk - tirso spain christina - - usa/spain -  jeff - usa

and russel from brimingham
PrissyT says:
well, it sounds like fun. but don't you wish that you could get to know and speak to everybody at the meet ups? i've been to a couple and always leave not getting to speak to them all.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
skydiver says:
Hmmm, ich bin neeeeiiiidiiisch. Das klingt wie der pure Wahnsinn, positiv gemeint, du Gurke, hahahaha.
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
stone31 says:
Posted on: Jul 16, 2008
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travbuddy madrid meet up
lauro beber la sorbetes! hahahahah…
lauro beber la sorbetes! hahahaha…
lauro comer el tonno sandwich! hah…
lauro comer el tonno sandwich! ha…
fumar puede matar! hahahahahah hah…
fumar puede matar! hahahahahah ha…
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