Disney's Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach, with a monsoon thrown in for variety!

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The hat at Hollywood Studios.

This morning I allowed everyone to sleep in until 7:30am.  Such a nice person, I know!  After breakfast and getting dressed, we grabbed a

boat for a quick ride over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This is a totally new park and concept for us.  It's really neat looking!  We jumped on

The Great Movie Ride and then got in line for Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster.  Very sweet ride!  Then, after browsing in some shops,

we headed to the Star War's simulator ride.(That's not the name of it, but I can't remember!)  We tried to get Fast Passes for the Indiana

Jones Stunt Show, but the only chance was during our lunch ressie.  That's another new thing at WDW-I made reservations for some of our


Sunset Boulevard.
  Apparently, if you want to eat at some of the popular places you better have a ressie or you are SOL!! Anyway, back to our story,

we opted for the Stunt Spectacular show that is brand new here.  It's 33 minutes long, then we'll eat!  Lots of car chasing and explanations

of how stunts are worked into the films that are being made.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Finally, we headed over to the Sci-Fi Diner for our

12:45pm lunch ressie.  I chose this place because it is set up like a drive- in movie theatre and you are seated in old fashioned cars to eat.

While eating they run clips from old Sci-Fi and Horror movies.  We ate unhealthy lunches.  Good old ,greasy and delicious burgers, fries

and for the kids, shakes.

The big droid from Star Wars.
  Everyone was happy.  Stuffed, we all agreed that it was time to go to one of the waterparks, so we caught

the boat back to get our swimming gear.  We chose Blizzard Beach, and a short bus ride later, arrived around 3:00pm to enjoy the

waterslides.  Except.....it is clouding up.  Run! No, don't, really, someone will fall.  The chairlift thingy is shut down so we took the stairs

up to the big slides.  DS decided to get in line for Summit Plummit, a steep, long slide much like the Mayan slide at Atlantis that goes through

the shark tunnel.  I'm so not doing that one!( I'm still recovering from the wedgies I got) DH, DD and I got in line for the family raft.  We waited about 20 minutes, no rain yet, and had a fun ride down the mountain.

Lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner.
  DS is still in line, so I decided to wait for him and sent

hubby and daughter off to ride more slides.  It's still very cloudy and there is a dark cloud approaching.  I people watched.  Some dude almost

lost his speedo on the steep slide.  He didn't need to be wearing a speedo either, if you know what I mean.  Oh well, to each his own, I guess!  Eventually there is the sound of thunder and they announced that the slides are all closing for a bit.  I can see DS at the top of the

big slide, just a few people in front of him.  It figures.  I headed back to our chairs, which are fortunately under a shelter and sat down to

wait for everyone.  Hubby and DD arrive, but no DS.  DH leaves to find him and in a few moments the rain hits.

We escaped from the kids to Pleasure Island!
  Fortunately, DS had remembered where we were and they came right back.  The rain became serious with some thunder and lightening.  We're huddled under

the shelter with 2 other families with teens.  Hubby and I decided to go find bathrooms and buy everyone a cool drink.  I took along my

handy-dandy umbrella (HA) and didn't get wet.  Bathrooms easy. Drinks not so much.  Huge lines.  Everyone had the same idea, so we

decided to wait back at our shelter.  All the kids played a game of I Spy with each other.  The other families were from California and England.

After about another half hour, the rain let up enough to allow us to leave for the bus stop.  Enough of this!  No pictures from the waterparks

this trip.  I didn't want to ruin my camera, and I'm glad I didn't take it today.  Back at the resort we rested and got cleaned up. Tonight we're

eating at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island.  The rain had diminished, so we had to browsed in the shops of course!

We headed to Goofy's candy store and made our own treats for later.  Give me one of everything in here please!  OMG!  Look at those

carmel apples and see that chocolate!  After that, it was off to get some more souveniers and a quick stop in the Mickey athletic store.

DD and I decided to make the hike over to Planet Hollywood to put our name in, because it was going on 8pm.  It was a hike, and Princess

Sybil came out on the trek over.  The wait was just over an hour.  I thought Sybil's head would explode at this news, but as I told her,

they did not take ressies when I called 6 weeks ago!  I worked hard at staying calm with my little landmine, but it was tough.  Just as I was

about to leave her and find the bar, DH and DS arrive.  After a quick parent conference, we gave them the choice of staying to wait with us

or they could return to the resort and eat at Beaches and Cream, get ice cream, swim, etc.  Guess what they chose?  DH saw them safely

back to the transport area and gave instructions to them to call as soon as they arrived, which they did  safely 15 minutes later.  I changed

the table from 4 to 2, and we got seated 10 minutes later!  Don't tell my kids-please!  DH and I enjoyed a nice dinner then went to find

out about the clubs in Pleasure Island.  We scanned our key to the world cards and went into 8Traxx.  This disco type place had all 70's

and 80's music going plus music videos.  Lots of older people here having a ball!  Do you know how long it's been since I've seen the video

to Billyjean ?  Totally awesome.  We had a couple of drinks here, then wandered outside to see what else we could find.  Did a quick kid-check.

They are at the nightly movie on the beach with some new friends.  We went into Mannequins, a top 40 dance place.  Really neat too.  There

is a round dance floor that revolves.  Of course we had to get out there and try it out!  We stayed out there at least half an hour, then

decided it was time to go.  We got back to our room around 12:30am.  The kids had just gone to bed, so we talked to them for a few minutes

and then we all went to sleep.  Tomorrow is our last day-boohoo!

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The hat at Hollywood Studios.
The hat at Hollywood Studios.
Sunset Boulevard.
Sunset Boulevard.
The big droid from Star Wars.
The big droid from Star Wars.
Lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner.
Lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner.
We escaped from the kids to Pleasu…
We escaped from the kids to Pleas…
photo by: Reephboy