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Caught coloring in a Sponge Bob coloring book!

Well, we're off again, this time to Disney World.  My kids, totally deprived of a childhood trip here, are making their first visit.  My husband and

I have not been since Epcot opened.   Very conveniently, we flew out of Akron/Canton, only 5 minutes from our house, and even more convenient, we have a direct flight into Orlando.  Yes!  We get checked in, and after paying $20 extra for the HEAVY luggage,(I packed water

bottles) we skipped through security and up to the gate to find..... we are delayed.  Not 12:24pm, but now 2:00pm.  %#$^*#!!!! Okay,

let's eat something.  I got the kids set up with Arby's, my DH got us some beers from the Great Lakes Brewery and we sat down to look

at their menu for our lunch.

Food Court at the Caribbean Beach Resort
  Wouldnja know after a few sips of brew they made an announcement.  They have another aircraft for the Orlando flight and we are back on schedule!  WooHoo!  Well, we had our liquid bread lunch and got on the plane.  Two hours later

we landed in Orlando.  We headed down to the Disney Welcome Center, checked in, and hopped on the Magical Express over to the World.

We were dropped off at the Caribbean Beach Resort and after checking in, went straight to our room.  It's a big resort, and the food court

was quite a hike away from our building.  Very pretty place though.  Our room is a little small for four people, but we will manage, since

we have been in small staterooms on cruise ships many, many times!  We got the refillable mugs and a snack, then explored a little.

Our future digs.
  The kids

wanted to hit the pool for a bit before going to ESPN for dinner.   About 7pm we got a cab over to the Boardwalk resort area and found

ESPN, put our name in for a table, then explored the shops.   We made our first purchases, ball hats and keychains.  Our buzzer still hadn't

sounded so we gave the kids 15 minutes to explore while we waited at the bar with more liquid bread and baseball.  The kids came back

early and in the next minute we were seated.  Dinner was good, although cardboard would have tasted good to me and DH, since we missed

a decent lunch!  We walked all the way around the lake area.  It's so pretty over here!  The Swan and Dolphin hotels are really neat looking.The Yacht and Beach Clubs are beautiful.

The Boardwalk at night.
 " Why didn't we stay here?"  I asked.  "Yeah, I don't know why we didn't." said my hubby.

Well, I needed a bathroom, so we went into the Beach Club to find one.  While I was looking, we had our first bit of Disney Magic!  I came

back to find my hubby smiling at me.  We are going to transfer over here and stay!  We will still spend the night at Caribbean Beach, and they will move our stuff over for us.  We are a 10 minute walk to Epcot from the Beach Club.

The kids love the pool and waterslide, so this will be a good fit for all of us.  We grabbed a cab back to CB and went to bed.  We're tired

and there is a lot going on tomorrow.  My babies(not really) first visit to the Magic Kingdom!!

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Caught coloring in a Sponge Bob
Caught coloring in a Sponge Bob …
Food Court at the Caribbean Beach
Food Court at the Caribbean Beach…
Our future digs.
Our future digs.
The Boardwalk at night.
The Boardwalk at night.
photo by: Reephboy