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It will be an adventure trip for us.We only get few information about Iceland which its a island of ice and fire before we leave.No worry ,we got the prepartation...so...Mr.SUPER Driver(Simon)and Miss.Super Navigator (Ling)start their bizarre trip with well prepartation. of course,Heizung also on the board.Yes..Heizung we bring you home.

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June 20th, 2008Iceland
June 21st, 2008Iceland
June 22nd, 2008Iceland
June 26th, 2008Iceland
June 27th, 2008Iceland
June 28th, 2008Iceland
June 29th, 2008Iceland
June 30th, 2008Iceland
July 1st, 2008Iceland
July 2nd, 2008Iceland
July 3rd, 2008Iceland
July 4th, 2008Iceland
July 5th, 2008Iceland
July 6th, 2008Iceland
July 7th, 2008Iceland
July 8th, 2008Iceland
July 9th, 2008Iceland