Day Four (Sunday)

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Jake got up really early this morning to go water skiing and I was pretty mad at him that he didn't wake me up. I got up kinda early and cleaned up the room a bit, and got all my stuff packed. Then Jake got back and they put some gas in the boat to take it back to the rental place. We went to finish cleaning up the room. This place makes you wash the room's towels and start the dishwasher and take out the trash - and there is a hefty fine ($50-$100) if you forget to do one. Then we took a few last pictures and hit the road with two of Jake's coworkers who dropped us off at the airport that Jake's car was at, then we had to drive another 2 hours to the White Plains airport. I slept again in the car. We used up some extra time at the White Plain's mall and then finally made it to the airport. We sat in a waiting area for about 30 minutes cause we were still kinda early. A raccoon walked by. And then I decided to check my flight status. Delayed 3 hours! So Jake thought it would be a good idea if we went to talk to someone with AirTran about what to do with my luggage. But when he dropped me off to go check, the place was so crammed up with people that it probably would have taken the whole 3 hours just to get thought the line. We then decided that I would just leave all my non-carry-on allowed items with him so I didn't have to check anything and avoid the line altogether. Jake happened to be staying in White Plains that night so we decided to check-in to his hotel room so he could take a nap and I could watch TV and eat chips and salsa and drink some beer. Much better than waiting in that line. So we waited until the last minute to leave again for the airport and Jake dropped me off to get my boarding pass while he went to park and see me off (at my request) but before he had a chance to get back I realized that I had forgotten my wallet back at the hotel!! Of all the things to leave behind!! So Jake took off for the hotel in a mad rush. I waited anxiously. I decided to go back inside to make sure the flight time hadn't changed. It had! To 8:10!! it was now 7:50 and Jake hadn't even made it to the hotel yet. I went back inside to talk to the ticket counter man and asked what my odds were for getting on the plane. He said I had already missed it if the plane was here, but that I still had a chance if the plane wasn't here. "SOOooo.." I said, "Is the plane here?!" He said it wasn't. Great... thanks so much for the extra information, jerk.

Waiting outside... waiting waiting..... The ticket man also said the the flight was to leave out at 8:20 - good, an extra 10 minutes (it is now 8:10) Jake finally gets there (it really was record time, it just seemed like forever) I RAN inside to get my boarding pass. I was in the front of the line. 3 ticket agents were all huddled around one computer ignoring me (I think on purpose) 2 minutes later... "can I help you" YES boarding pass please!! SO I get my boarding pass (and not wanting to have to take any time to find my gate I ask the guy... where do I go from here?! He says, "uh, through security" NO shit Sherlock. So I run to security, get through pretty quick and then start to panic... there is no gate number marked on my ticket!!! Someone must have sensed my panic cause they said, "Where are you going?" "Atlanta!" (It's 8:20) at this point. he points right in front of me less than 10 feet away, "It's that gate right there" WHEW!!!! Not only is it the closest gate but there is a line half a mile long to board the plane. I just hopped in line and got on board no problems. Holy Moly What a relief. I had picked a seat in the last row of the plane. It was jam pack with people up front, but I ended up with a whole row to myself. Very nice! I tried to sleep, but it didn't happen. I got into Atlanta at around 10:50 and darted to MARTA. Got a train that was completely full of people uggh. We waiting, sweating, for a good 5-10 minutes before we were told that this train was out of order... so everyone (including me) RAN to the train on the other side and this one was even more jammed than the other. What a long hot ride. I had to hop out at Linbergh as this was a Doraville bound train, and the North Springs train took at least 10 minutes to get there. I didn't get to Sandy Springs until 12:00 which meant that I had to pay for an extra day of parking (only 4 more dollars though). Turns out I wouldn't of had to pay anything as all the gates were open, but there was no way for me to know that without driving down there. Oh Well. Got home at around 12:45 and in bed by 1:00am. And here I sit at work, exhausted, sucking down coffee. Waiting for the weekend :)

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White Plains
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