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My mom and I were on separate flights back to the US, so she boarded a flight to Dallas while I waited for my flight to Miami. The CCS house manager in Salvador told me there were medical centers at all of the airports in Brazil where I could possibly get my third vaccination. I had to get it on the 15th and it would be too late in the day to get it once I got back to California. I had a three hour layover in Sao Paulo, and it was officially the 15th when I got there, so I wandered around the airport with an airport staff member to find the medical center. I had no luck with that and I decided it was better to wait until I got to Miami and could fully communicate my problem.

For flights from Brazil to the US, the initial security is easy, but then they search everyone's bags before they board. It's not a "suspicious" selected few like in the US, it's everyone. So if you have more than the allotted amount of liquids, even bottled water purchased in the airport, they will take it away from you. I'm guessing this is to satisfy US requirements, but not have others go through this if the country they're flying to doesn't require it. A bunch of people were really mad about giving up the water they had just purchased. I'm not sure if they're still doing it the same way, but it's good to know incase they are.

I seriously considered "accidentally" missing the flight and hopping on a plane back to Salvador. Once we took off, I knew that my amazing trip to Brazil was offically over. Tchau Brasil, I will be back!
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