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On Sunday, Bunny, Julie and I were up early and decided to go up to Praia do Flamengo for the day. It's a nice beach north of the crowded touristy beaches we usually went to. Bunny had been there before so she knew what it looked like. But when our cab driver dropped us off, we had no idea where we were. We decided to head north figuring the cabbie didn't take us far enough. We walked and walked but still saw no sign of it.

We got tired of trekking through the sand so we stopped at a nice looking area and got some lunch at a restaurant on the beach. The menus were only in Portuguese and had plenty of ingredients that weren't listed in my Lonely Planet phrasebook food glossary. I ordered frango and I got some sort of unidentifiable chicken bits. But the seasoning was so good that I couldn't worry about whatever it was that I was eating. It was really funny that though we were at a restaurant, vendors were walking through selling all sorts of random food. One guy was selling shrimp on a stick. Like many countries other than America, people leave the shrimp in their shells with the legs, antennas, eyes, etc. People would just take off the head and pop the rest in their mouth, legs and all. With age and travel, I am making attempts to get over my hang ups about the source of my food but it was still a bit disturbing. The funniest vendor was a guy selling a whole raw octopus... yummy.

After lunch, Julie and Bunny layed out in a sun while I sat on the cliff above and leaned against a palm tree. I listened to Buena Vista Social Club while I watched people windsurf by. It was definitely a moment of pure simple happiness. Bunny and Julie soon joined me because a huge wave splashed over them and they got completely soaked.

When it was getting late, I started exploring the area to see if we could get a cab. I had no idea where we were or if we were even still in Salvador. We definitely couldn't find a cab out there. Fortunately, Bunny found a couple of scary looking military police who turned out to be really nice and helpful. They walked us to the bus stop and waited with us until the bus came. I had walked by the area earlier but never would have guessed it was a bus stop because it was just a bench. I guess you just have to be in the know. The police explained to the bus driver that we were lost gringas and told him where we needed to go.

On the bus we drove through some beautiful areas we'd never seen before. When we got towards the places we knew, we kept trying to get off, but the driver told us to wait. When it was our stop, he let us know. The bus is a great way to get around Salvador- much better than cabbies who drive you past your destination and much cheaper!

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