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Travelled for about 20 hrs. we took one 10 hr. flight to Seoul then waited 5hrs then got a 4hr 45 min flight to Ho Chi Minh. The aeroplane food was surprisingly nice, but it was very strange knowing back home it's 1AM and up there the sun was beaming. We had 'bi ba bow', a Korean dish which I think was actually quite healthy. We arrived at Ho Chi Minh Airport quite late at night, the rush of heat as we came out was so intense. We are staying at Chris' grandmas, she has loads of cute fluffy white puppies! I'm so glad I get to experience the real Vietnamese life rather than the tourist one, all the family seem nice, although none of them speak English so I don't know for sure. I don't think I've ever been so quiet. I am so glad we have an air conditioner and fan in our bedroom, I think I'd die if we didn't.

Day 1 - Woke up and had summer rolls and iced coffee for breakfast, was really good. We then got a (very cheap) taxi into the city centre and wandered around. The streets are mad, I swear if Chris wasn't there I would have got run over a hundred times! The busy noisy atmosphere is actually really pleasant. We then played some pool at the Diamond plaza (Saigon's version of Selfridge's) and explored 'Ben Thanh' the indoor market, trying to find a good fake Chanel bag. Then we visited Chris' cousin Oanh(Wan) who lives in her fathers (Chris' uncle) house a few doors down, she is really nice, the friendliest person I've met so far. We talked about what sort of tours to go on, we were thinking of Cambodia but decided it's too much hiking for Chris' sprained ankle. Oanh's house is really nice and spacious, it has about five floors and she has all the home comforts, internet etc. They even have their own house keeper who went out and bought us some really nice baguettes filled with pork, pate, pickle and chillies. Yum! Chris' uncles house is so different compared to Chris' grandma's, and I'm not sure which one I prefer, I think staying at the Grandma's is more authentic.

Day 2 �" Woke up quite late, our body clocks are still messed up. We had lunch at Chris' uncles house. I met Oanh's Mum, Dad and Granddad. They were really friendly too, saying stuff like how Chris' mum will be proud his girlfriend is so pretty. They were asking about University and saying how I must be very clever if I'm doing Design, if only they knew! The lunch was massive, they had sweet and sour soup, snails, clams, fish, beans, dried squid and rice. I didn't really like the snails or dried squid, but tasted it anyway to be polite. They insisted we drink beer, even though it was 11 o'clock in the morning. After that I felt quite dopey and had a terrible headache so I had a nap. I now think having a siesta is a very good idea, seeing as all the Vietnamese do. I'm going to try and have one everyday, otherwise I end up feeling a bit rough. We later went out into town, we had iced coffee and banana cake at the top floor opposite the Rex hotel, the coffee is really nice and everything here is so cheap. It started lightly raining, and we got really sticky, quite unpleasant. We went home at about 10pm.

Day 3 - Today we went to the Dam Sen water park, which is quite run down but fun nonetheless. I got stared at A LOT, one girl even took a photo of me, really annoying! There were other white people there, so I think they were staring because me and Chris are a couple. Odd though, guess this is what being a celebrity is like. Ha ha, It was fun if not a bit daunting. We had some 333 Bia and Dim Sum, which was nice. I have found my appetite is a lot smaller due to the heat. We then got a taxi to a rooftop golfing range, (mainly for Chris) I sat and had an iced coffee whilst Chris played, and by the end he'd got a big blister on his hand. We then came home at about 4:30pm, too hot and tired. We then went out on bikes to have dinner, we had Pho, lovely!Riding in Saigon's traffic is quite scary, but I eventually got used to it. Chris is really good at not getting killed. There are loads of young racers with neon lights and sound systems on their bikes. After dinner we met up with Oanh's husband and went to an ice cream parlour and ate sundaes and iced jasmine tea, it's really nice, real ice cream. Then after riding around a bit more, we went home.

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