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More $#!* Time on the Mekong Slowboat... Day Two

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Walking on water
I woke up feeling better, though I still had a headache. Thankfully, I met an Austrian nurse on the boat who told me exactly what to buy for the fever (it worked!).

The second day was much of the same, though the weather was much nicer. I spent some time reading on the floor of the boat, and some time chatting with various other people on the boat. I met another Swiss couple who are bicycle-trekking all throughout SE Asia... hardcore. And then there was the filmmaker from Napa dating the Russian girl. Anyway, lots of interesting characters, and everyone's butts hurt from the seats.

As we neared the final leg, we realized that Thailand was on one side of the river, and Laos was on the other. I guess we were in international waters? Pretty neat. The scenery gradually changed from the intrepid mountains that I loved to smaller hills dotted with signs of Modern civilization.
Thailand on the left, Laos on the right

When we finally arrived in the town of Huay Xai, the Thai border was already closed for the day. Bummer. We grabbed two rooms at a guesthouse, only to discover that practically our entire boat was staying in the same guesthouse. When we went out to find dinner the only place we could find was also filled with people from our boat. Great! We had an amazing/cheap BBQ buffet, the same deal as before where there's a BBQ/soup moat in the middle of the table and everyone adds their raw stuff. Except that it was a buffet, and it was only like $3. Oh man, we ate a LOT, though a lot of that was thanks to the flavor enhancing herbs that made the meal taste amazing. The Toronto Two ordered off the menu - they missed out.

Another hour on the top floor balcony and we were done, ready to cross to Thailand the next morning.
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Walking on water
Walking on water
Thailand on the left, Laos on the …
Thailand on the left, Laos on the…
Another day in bench-seat hell
Another day in bench-seat hell
The most amazing bbq yet - our cho…
The most amazing bbq yet - our ch…
Huay Xai
photo by: Stevie_Wes