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The border ferry
After waking up at 7:30am we walked across town to the border ferry and immigration. At immigration our visas just got another stamp, which took about 20 seconds. Because the Mekong separates Laos from Thailand, we had to take a ferry across the river for about a dollar, another long, skinny thing that seems like it could flip over. Once across the border, getting our new arrival stamps took another five minutes, and then we were off to the bus station. We hopped on the 9am bus for Chiang Mai. Phew.

After arriving in Chiang Mai at 4pm, I bought a 4:30 ticket to Pai, another four hours away. The Germans were staying in Chiang Mai so I said goodbye until the next time we shall randomly meet. After a quick fried rice snack I hopped on the minibus to Pai.
Thailand on the left, Laos on the right...

The road to Pai is a spectacular collection of twists and turns, snaking through the mountains seemingly forever. This would be a LOT of fun on a motorcycle or in a fun car. After a few rifle-toting police checkpoints, I finally arrived and checked myself into the guesthouse across the street from the bus station for a reasonable $3/night. I grabbed dinner with some German girls who arrived at the bus station at the same time and ended up at the same guesthouse.

So now I get to spend the rest of my trip relaxing in Pai before heading back to Bangkok to fly home. Pai is known as being a small, laid back hippy down, a place to unwind and do nothing. A place to see waterfalls and see temples and get massages and buy trinkets and relax. So that's what I'm going to do.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note I'm becoming interested in autocatalytic sets, complex systems, and increasing-returns economics.
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The border ferry
The border ferry
Thailand on the left, Laos on the …
Thailand on the left, Laos on the…
The entry point for Thailand
The entry point for Thailand
photo by: Stevie_Wes