Angkor Wat - Putting european castles to shame for (almost) 900 years

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Crossing the moat into Angkor Wat
Today we visited the famous Angkor Wat temple, as well as countless surrounding temples. Angkor Wat itself is almost 900 years, but it sure doesn't look it. The complex of Angkor Wat is huge, surrounded by a moat that would embarass most European moats. It's difficult to know where to start in describing the complex, so your best bet is to look it up on Wikipedia if you're really curious. Just inside the moat is a huge outer wall, just as beautiful and detailed as the inner temples. Inside that is a vast expanse of green and trees and walkways and temples and libraries. The main temple is located in the center, and is surrounded by its own wall system. Only high priests and kings were allowed in the temple, while most common folk lived in the center of the main grouping.
Simply amazing.

Almost every square inch of Angkor Wat is meticulously detailed and well preserved. Everything, everywhere, is hand carved into elaborate and beautiful designs, depictions, pictures, and writings. This place is like a living hyperbole, an exaggeration of itself to the Nth. I really can't begin to express just how amazing and detailed and well preserved everything is, so I won't even try.

Angkor Wat is only one of countless temples in the area. There are literally hundreds of temples in the area, from the near ones that we saw to the distant ones hundreds of kilometers away. We travelled from temple to temple in a tuk-tuk that we hired for the day. I'm not sure if I've mentioned tuk-tuk's yet. They're everywhere in SE Asia, and range from little three-wheeled scooter things with seats to little mopeds towing little carriages. Ours was the latter. Anyway, we saw tons of cool temples, spending all day exploring. We also met a lot of local kids trying to sell little trinkets. They all speak surprisingly good english, generally much better than the adults. One little girl knew the capitals of almost every state in the US. I bought a few bracelets from her and made her promise to remember Salem, Oregon.
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Crossing the moat into Angkor Wat
Crossing the moat into Angkor Wat
Our tuk-tuk about to pass through …
Our tuk-tuk about to pass through…
Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling