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Alright, so actually I have no idea where I am. If I'm not in Chumphon, I think I'm somewhere around there. It's 3am and I've been on a very uncomfortable bus since 6pm. The bus dude just woke us up and told everyone going to Koh Tao to get off. As I said, I still have no idea where I am, but apparently I'm supposed to catch a 1 hour bus at 6am that takes me to the boat that goes to Koh Tao. Organized chaos, this is. When I grabbed my bag when we got here the top was open, but it doesn't look like anything was stolen.

Ok, more about Bangkok. It's a very busy city, and Khao San Road is quite the mecca for backpackers. There are these 3-wheeled things called tuk-tuks that are everywhere trying to give you a ride. Haven't done that yet, as I've heard they frequently overcharge and scam. One also has to be wary of "lady-boys" - yes, they're exactly what they sound like. Apparently a lot of travellers fail to notice the deep voices, man hands, and adams-apples.

Living has been pretty cheap, and I'm curious how the prices will change as I go to different regions. On Khao San Road, lodging was about $6, and meals were about $1, and drinks are about $1. The bus/boat from Bangkok to Koh Tao was about $22 - not too bad for a 12 hour air conditioned bus ride and long boat ride (still to come!). Everything is still way chaotic, and travellers destinations at the bus stations are determined by stickers. Right now I'm wearing a yellow sticker from Bangkok, and a blue sticker I just got at this station.

So once we get to Koh Tao, the plan is to find a super-cheap place to stay. A lot of the dive shops offer free lodging if you only dive with them, so I'm hoping that may be the case. We're probably going to try to stay somewhere on Sairee beach. I'm hoping it'll be pretty empty because of the Full Moon Party over on Kho Phangan tomorrow (today?) night. The Full Moon Party, as I understand, is basically just 10,000 drunk people having a good time. Sounds like 1/6 of Bay to Breakers, minus the funny costumes and floats, and with a lot less walking.

That's about it for now. Looking forward to diving at Koh Tao, and hopefully I'll get to see some whale sharks (!) at Sail Rock. I have a nice underwater case for my digital camera, so I plan on taking a crap-load of diving pictures. After Koh Tao... maybe Krabi? Cambodia? Vietnam?
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photo by: RyanCorrea