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Tivoli sign

After we arrived to Copenhagen about 4 am, we slept couple hours. It was actually REALLY hard to find parking place. We had to drive around over a hour before we found some parking plot where we could sleep. In a morning we drived to the centre of Copenhagen and somehow found parking place next to Tivoli Gardens where we wanted to go. Like a day before it was raining. Fortunately it wasn't downpour so we didn't have to put so much clothes on than to the zoo.

Inside the park first thing I haded to do was to find bank automat. I changed money before we left in Finland, but the bank didn't have Danish krones (Denmark's currency) so I had almost money at all, just so much that we got in to Tivoli.

After getting money from automat I was suppose to exchange notes to coins, not easiest thing to do. I walked around trying to find machine which exchanges money, but I didn't found any (of course later that day I found many exchanging machines). Fortunately one girl in one kiosk changed the moneys (not first kiosk I tried). Just to mention: we needed coins to parking meter.

For a start of the day we tried couple rides and they were fun. I tried to get my friend to go with me in Tivoli's famous ride, world's tallest carousel, but I she didn't want to go so I decided to go there later. Next we did go to this ride which introduces H.C. Andersen's fairy tales. It was really fun and interesting though in some points commentary did go too fast. We actually did go again there later 'cause my friend wanted to film whole thing.

My winnings. I won two of those yellow things.
I really love those game machines (I don't know what they are called) where you can try to get stuff (toys, candies, etc.) with big metal "hand". That was good explanation. :D There were lots of those machines in Tivoli and I tried them couple (or more) times and I won three times.

In one point of the day I broked my phone! I had took pictures with it (I didn't own camera back then) and I dropped it on ground. I couldn't anymore take pics with it and 'cause I really needed camera for the rest of the trip, we looked for a store and bought new camere for me! I didn't have much money to spend to it so I bought one of the cheapest ones, but looked first that it was enough good. First thing that catched my attention in that camera was that it was pink (my second favourite colour).

World's tallest carousel. I really love this picture.
I have take many good pics with it so it was worth of money and not just moment's impulse because I had wanted camera for over a year. Camera was most expensive thing that we bought on trip (if we don't count fuel for a car).

At the evening we finally decided to go to that world's tallest carousel, but when we were suppose to get in my friend had a change of mind and she got too scared of the ride and didn't want anymore go there so I haded to go alone. It actually looks more scary than what it is. When I was in it I couldn't actually even tell how high I was. Worst thing of whole thing was the wind. When you are so high (I think 80 metres) it gets really windy and 'cause I took my shoes off my toes were freezing. Also my hair was after it in horrible mess. After the ride I decided to try some drink which everybody there seem to like.

Slush ice
It is called slush ice. I don't know is it some famous thing 'cause I haven't heard about it earlier... I gave it a try and I think it was horrible. My friend tasted it too and she didn't like it either. I poured it into toilet 'cause I wanted cup where it was in. :)

We were there almost till closing time (12 am). Last thing we saw there was light show in the lake. It was really cool and music was dramatic. Fortunately it didn't rain whole day just in morning and it started to rain again little before we left. It was already so late when we got back to RV, so we decided to sleep on that parking place (in the middle of Copenhagen's centre! Not so silent place..). That place was also close to the place where we were suppose to go next day.

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Tivoli sign
Tivoli sign
My winnings. I won two of those ye…
My winnings. I won two of those y…
Worlds tallest carousel. I really…
World's tallest carousel. I reall…
Slush ice
Slush ice
Tivolis performing stage.
Tivoli's performing stage.
Last good pic which I took with my…
Last good pic which I took with m…
Worlds tallest carousel
World's tallest carousel
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