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Something my friend did to kill time.

Start of our trip. We left from Rovaniemi with rental-RV already Saturday-evening, but I start writing here. We were suppose to drive to Kolmården (in Sweden) and distance to there from Rovaniemi is over thousand kilometres, but we made it and got there in schedule. My dad was only one with driving license so it was (actually whole trip was) a lot work for him. Me and my friend sitted on back of RV and tried to somehow kill time. Fortunately I thought about the times we were suppose to spend sitting in a car and I took with me two card games and one board game. Later I bought one other game from Kolmården. I also took with us lots of paper, pens, books and over 50 music cd's. But of course if you play whole day card games it gets a bit boring in some point.

Something I did to kill time. (photographing)
It is actually very fun to play games in moving car 'cause when my dad braked or curved all stuff on table started to slide! And of course I sitted on a place where the stuff slided if we weren't enough fast to catch them. One point we stopped to buy food and stuff from store and we also bought strawberries. I don't know actually why we bought strawberries 'cause none of us likes much about them. :D I spended some time by photographing traffic signs, bridges and stuff like that. On a way to Kolmården we drived through many tunnels (particulary in near of Stockholm) and crossed many bridges. I don't know why I did notice that... Maybe because they were something other to photograph than traffic signs. :) My friend spended some time making origami-frogs.
Inside of the RV.

We finally arrived to Kolmården when clock was already over midnight. It was raining and road was almost covered by frogs. I was sitting on front seat (my friend was sleeping in back) and I screamed my dad to not drive over the frogs. It was like slalom-road. :) Car bounced from side to side, but I think that none of the frogs did die. We parked RV on parking place of Kolmården Zoo and slept couple hours there.

About the RV: It was big, but a bit narrow. There were table with two two-seated benches, kitchen (fridge, range, small oven), three beds (one bunk bed), and bathroom (which included toilet and shower). I packed my things on one big bag and keeped it on my bed so it didn't take much out of the small space we had to use. Things we used daily where placed on the seats around table so that there were just enough place to us to sit. My friend had some strange fear of the toilet and she didn't use it. She always waited for a gas station though she had to really go to toilet. I didn't really get idea of that... RV's toilet was really small, but it was much cleaner than toilets on gas stations. Well, she didn't wet her pants so I'm not gonna complain about it. :D

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Something my friend did to kill ti…
Something my friend did to kill t…
Something I did to kill time. (pho…
Something I did to kill time. (ph…
Inside of the RV.
Inside of the RV.
One of the bridges we crossed.
One of the bridges we crossed.
One of the tunnels we did drive th…
One of the tunnels we did drive t…