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  • We had a little trouble leaving in the morning, because the hostel suggested that we hadn't paid them (the receptionist was different than the previous night), and we couldn't find the receipt.  Adam resolved this later somehow, and we didn't hear of it again.
  • This time when we got to the Hostel Malda in the mall (shopping centre - "galleria") there was space, so we dropped off our bags and headed to Montjuic and the castle (Castell) there.  We paid the couple of euros to check out the inside of the Castell, and climb its walls.  In some of the rooms are extensive displays of historical firearms.
  • We took some cool "jumping pictures" here (Adams idea), and he also shot a short video clip with his camera.
  • On the way up I discovered a bicycle lying in the bushes, which I proceeded to ride to the top of the hill, and also back down, leaving it where we found it.
  • Then we took the metro to Park Güell, one of the highlights of my whole trip:
  • It was a beautiful day outside, I bought four giant beers (1L) for 0.69 € each.
  • We came in through the back/side entrance to the park, up the escalators.  We played a bit of frisbee, Adam ate in the sun, I prefered the shade.  Then we found our way towards the main entrance.  The long park bench with mosaic on it was hot against the skin, then we descended underneath to the large columns, and then down past the lizard on the steps, and out past the two Gaudi buildings.
  • Later that night, the first of what would become a strange number of random meetings happend: Adam and I were heading out to Las Ramblas just to hang around, when we happen to run into Adrian!  We each buy a (strangely) cold beer from a guy in the street, and then head into the hookah bar.  After this we were basically headed home, when Adrian led us into what I would describe as a "Tavern" style bar, quite crowded, and really hopping !  We sit at a large table with benches, and five (!) pretty girls.  The three whose names I can remember are: Rebeca, Nouria, and Ivilina (sp?)
  • After some beers and pitchers of Sangria, and playing the "limones" drinking game, we follow these girls to the discothequa !  It was 12€ to get in (unfortunately), but we figured it was worth it, and this included one drink.
  • We got home really late (early) at around 6am !!  What a night...

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photo by: fivepointpalm