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i got my 6 daycards for the swiss railway ready, stamped my first ticket off and met with yves to board the 9am train to bern. there was only space in the 'quiet compartment' which was relaxing, at least until this wannabe-business dude from eastern switzerland started to scream into his mobile phone...

from bern we changed into the ICE to interlaken which, of course, was quite pleasant to ride in. you gotta love trains in switzerland, not only on time but also comfortable! with great weather we got a first glimpse of the nice landscapes in this part of our country, i.e. lakes, mountains and tourists - lots of tourists.

in interlaken ost we hopped on the rather old train to grindelwald and suddenly the average age on the train went up to about 60 which was a bit worrying considering our already bad expectations for the nightlife in grindelwald.
but we only booked there for one night anyway and still had the option to go to interlaken, right?

after the impressive ride up the mountains to grindewald we were greeted by the small, slightly touristy village of grindelwald which looks like out of a heidi book, with some banks and a coop thrown in. the mountain scenery surrounding it is very impressive, especially with the clear sight we were lucky to have. an unfortunate part of the image were the tons of hiking tourists with their overpriced hiking-gear and those hideous, ridiculous hiking poles. people with hiking poles doing those easy flat 50 minute hikes will be labeled as 'hiking douchebags' from now on in this blog.

we walked around to find our hostel, the downtown lodge, where the receptionist was happy to finally have some swiss-german speaking guests that actually understand her. we dropped our bags and went off the climb, err ride up to the jungfraujoch.
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we tried to pick a not too touristy (=rip off) restaurant. our first choice, the restaurant of the uperclass sunstar hotel was already booked out (?!?!!!) but we found a suitable place in the hirschen. the friendly waiter was a bit confused about my iphone though, those strange modern urban thingies seem to intimidate (and impress, as seen by the local youth 2 days later boasting his around the espresso bar...)

after a quick stroll through the town, a chat with the confused south korean girls calculating their switzerland budget (quite impressed by our "tsuureee is expensive" statement) and a look at the local figure skating youth at the sports center it was time to party!

diligent expectations management required us to not expect a lot from nightlife in grindelwald; it's better to be pleasantly surprised than bored to death. the strategy seemed right as there really wasnt that much going on: the local 'club' plaza with the interior decor typical of such countryside locations was basically empty and absolutely overpriced, even during happy hour.

the espresso bar which is actually better than it sounds but a bit too rockmusic heavy and equipped with a barkeeper doing his best 'tom cruise in cocktail but with a swiss touch' impression. strange mix of people too but mostly local youth which was a positive point. we met a nice portugese girl currently living in geneva and that was basically it for the evening.
photo by: Vikram