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not too impressed by the nightlife in grindelwald we decided to check out (in)famous interlaken. having been there shortly during army service but never really having a look i couldn't really judge the fascination it seems to have on american & asian kids. almost everyone i've met on my travels who went to switzerland was going there and speaking very highly of it.

after arriving at the trainstation we headed straight to the hostel area, first checking out the very very famous balmer hostel. everyone on this world seems to know it expect us swiss so it was a must... we were still hoping that we might be able to get a bed in interlaken for the night. it's actually quite a walk from the trainstation and the staff was pretty much non-swiss, all dressed up in tacky switzerland tshirts though (i hope this was just for the special occassion and is not the standard dress code..)

they could offer us only a place in the tent village, their outsourced ad hoc accommodation even further away from everything. seeing those masses of clichee american / japanes college students we didn't feel much of an urge to stay there and continued our journey through this unknown side of switzerland.

next stop was the funny farm, also popular, in the same area, swiss speaking even but unfortunately booked out as well... being in that area for 10 minutes i already was sick of those young tourists telling everyone about their adventures paragliding, etc.... so we couldn't be bothered to stay there, anyway.

after going to the main part of the city, which was a few magnitudes more disturbing, this view didnt change. interlaken must be the ugliest, most touristy, most rundown, most unimpressive, most overhyped place i've seen everywhere in this world - even vang vieng in laos seems so much nicer in comparison (read my blog entry for that place to see how bad interlaken must be ... :) ). we were ashamed to be swiss while being there. the main tourist trail along the hotels & restaurants looks like khao san road on a bad day. even the scenery is so unimpressive compared to surrounding villages like grindelwald or lauterbrunnen.

someone at interlaken must get their marketing right as besided overpriced 'adventure' sports, there doesn't seem to be anything worthy of doing or looking at. it is a good base for the berner oberland though but the extra half hour up to one of the mountain villages doesn't really hurt, does it?

to top off the experience we decided to finish off our stay with a meal at hooters, at least there were some half naked girls to look at... which was actually the best thing we've seen so far in interlaken, gorgeous girls from berne and one with a scandinavian touch helped us heal our wounds of disappointment ;)

and yes, interlaken is full with flies... those buggers are everywhere. it's disgusting.

last but not least, it started to rain... not just rain, but a south-american like rainstorm came down on us. we ran to the trainstation and where happy to leave this place for good.
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photo by: sherryshakarob