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Our visit to El Calafate and the nearby Parque Nacional Los Glaciares was one of the highlights of our trip to Argentina. It is difficult to find words to describe the beauty of the place. Most people who visit here, limit their visit to the best-known of the glaciers, Perito Moreno. But, while Perito Moreno was certainly impressive and is worth your while, for me a visit to the other glaciers on an all day boat trip was even more impressive. We sailed amid icebergs of the bluest blue and the whitest white..., we saw the largest glacier..., the highest glacier..., we picniced in the middle of icebergs... Never could we have imagined such a thing!

The Patagonian icefield, where all these glaciers flow from, is the third largest in the wold, behing Antactica and Greenland and is as big as, say, Israel.
The biggest part of it is in Chile.

El Perito Moreno

This is the best known and the most visited of the glaciers in the park. It is one of the only glaciers that is not receding, in fact it is even advancing! Because of this, over time the glacier forms a dam separating an arm of the lake from the rest of the body of the lake. Then over years, the water rises behind this dam until it creates such a pressure that the wall of ice can no longer hold up and it all collapses in a big crash. This is a very rare occasion, normally only occurring once every 7 years. When we were there, it hadn't happened in more than 16 years! And YES, it HAD to happen exactly 2 days before we arrived in El Calafate!!! It was all over the news in Argentina, but we missed it....

Sailing to the glaciers

We spent an entire day on the so-called all-glaciers tour, sailing on hige Lago Argentino. This was a highlight of our trip, a unique, not to be missed experience!

mrvis says:
Wonderful scenery!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
yheleen says:
wow :) beautiful glaciers...
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
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