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Me and the guys

I woke up and I was still worried about my card. I had no cash left and my card was restricted.

Ash called them for me but there system was down for 4 hours... great.

So I hopped on the train determined to call them using Skype when I got back to the hostel in Rome I had stayed at two nights ago.

Thank goodness... again... for Skype.

Apparently my card got put on restriction when I tried to use it in an ATM...whatever. I know it doesn't work with the ATM's but when I get desperate I try just to make sure haha.

Sometimes it seems the fraud department goes overboard on protecting you. First off, sending my bank cards to me instead of just this emergency credit card would have been great.

A view of Naples from the train station. That was as far as I wanted to venture after I heard that the Mafia had been active lately against some Africans who owed them money??
I could have proven who I was to them which I did for them to send me what I have! Second, why would they restrict my card just because I tried to use it in an ATM. If someone had stolen my card I would have canceled it like I did in Munich. Sorry... I guess that's enough complaining.

So I got access again after talking to the lady from Chase. I also realized I was being charged at a rate of 20 % for cash advances!! I knew it was high but not that high.

Thats when I called Kyle to see if he could Western Union me some cash. Thankfully he could at the time and I got the cash within the hour for only about 9.5% Still a lot compared to a $3 ATM withdrawal fee, but necessary.

What happened next in my day is actually really funny. I watched a replay of the most recent Presidential debate with lots of people from all over the world ....Talk about an experience haha. I won't go into it here, but lets just say it makes you think.

When it was over I went with 3 guys to the supermarket. We got stuff for pasta with sausage, bread, 2 beers each, and gelato for desert. It was about 7 Euro each... not bad when you consider how much a meal like this would cost in a restaurant and the guy who did the cooking did a great job.

So, another night in Rome without touring, but I leave for Athens tomorrow knowing I will be back.

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Me and the guys
Me and the guys
A view of Naples from the train st…
A view of Naples from the train s…
Delicious meal we cooked up
Delicious meal we cooked up
photo by: vulindlela