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Thank goodness
I finally gave up (or got tired of laying there in the cold) trying to sleep around 7h30. Maybe I slept an hour here or there, but you know it's hard to tell sometimes if you slept or not.

I got the UPS tracking number from MC with Skype then used my iPhone to track it. It arrived about 2 hours later.

I took the card and got the hell out of there. I was fed up with The Tent and anything that reminded me of my problems. I didn't get to see much of Munich this trip, but perhaps I'll return one day. The castle castle outside of Fussen was the hardest thing to leave without seeing, but I couldn't imagine another night there.

I got on the 12h44 train to Prague after getting a 100 euro cash advance. I fully intend to stay there that night but on the train I checked the night trains schedule from there to Krakow. Taking it would give me a full day there and combined with a night train back would give me a place to sleep for what I later found out to be 10 euro each night. Cheaper than a hostel and an extra city to enjoy.

Not much accomplished today, but I got the MC and woke up in Krakow the next morning.
krisks75 says:
I know what you mean. My sister and I had to "pinky swear" on not being so stupid about something that happened to us...ever, ever again. Our city of despair was Vienna. Stupidity tends to haunt you for a very long time afterward.
Posted on: Sep 29, 2008
cmari11 says:
I won't let it ruin my trip. I am already having a good time like I was before. It's just really hard because you keep saying how stupid you are for the next day or so.
Posted on: Sep 26, 2008
marino10 says:
It's good to see you posting again! We missed hearing from you. Don't let your misfortune ruin the rest of your trip. Love you!! Have fun and take care.
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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Thank goodness
Thank goodness
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