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The Bavarian meal
Technically, today was the worst day of my trip. I wake up and my wallet isn't in my pocket or with the rest of my things. My phone, bag, and jacket are all there, but no wallet.

After about an hour of searching with Max and Time we concluded taht it can't be there (Who knows though, maybe ill get a package down the road from Max).

We were all invited to his friend's for a traditional Bavarian meal... white sausage and wheat beer with pretzels. We went after we realized the Oktoberfest's lost and found didn't open until 12h30.

It was great to take my mind off my problems although I had the rest of the day to deal with them.

After the meal Max and Tim were heading back out to the tent with some of Max's friends. I was just about wondering what a euroless person was to do in this situation when Max hands me a 20 euro note.
I almost teared up at this point but was too concerned that he was being too generous haha. I was just shocked I guess...

I gave the guy a hug then headed straight to an Internet cafe with Skype access (would have just gone to the hostel's if I would have realized they had free wifi).

After a couple of hours of talking to family and canceling the cards I was told that an emergency card would be sent to me the next day.

I was relieved so I was able to have a good time that night at the Tent's camp fire. I met 3 guys there. One was a soloer like me and the other two were packing together. Chris, the soloer, was from Denver and Edwardo and Diogo were Brazilian (maybe I'll go visit them for the 2014 World Cup haha).

We talked a lot and decided we would all go out to Dachau, the concentration camp, first thing in the morning.

I was spent and went to bed in the huge heated tent.
cmari11 says:
Hey man... Working on that actually right now. I probably would have just came home or bought a new camera if it was stolen haha.

I'm actually at a hostel I am not even staying at using the computer haha. I'm starting to get the hang of this free internet thing lol.

I have been able to cut costs a lot lately.. trying to catch back up on the budget.

Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
kyle_maddie says:
Good to see you are still having a good time even after the wallet problem. I know it sucks but the trip is well worth another 110 euro. Did your camera get lost too? Post us some more pictures when you get a chance. Don't let the wallet keep you down. I would pay 150 bucks (or whatever 100 Euro is today) to be wherever you are right now just for the afternoon. Keep the posts and the pictures coming.
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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The Bavarian meal
The Bavarian meal
This was what my bed for the first…
This was what my bed for the firs…
photo by: AleksandraEa