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I wanted to wake up early and try to go and see the Vienna boys choir at 9h00, but it never happened. I almost overslept check out actually haha.

On the train to Venice I sat in a cabin with Christina, my first Italian friend!! Christina asked if I was Italian and I thought that was the coolest thing haha. She also told me how to properly pronounce my last name. Can you believe... all these years and it is actually pronounced maREno with a slight roll of the tongue on the RE part. Amazing and also very cool. And now I know it means "of the sea."

So mom, this is the part where you should probably stop reading because when I arrived at the Venice-Mestre station  I had one hell of a night trying to get to the Camping Fusina hostel to meet Abby. It was my own fault because I really should have taken an earlier train out of Vienna and arrived in Venice before 21h00.

Soooo, it is Sunday night and I need to catch a bus to Fusina from Mestra. I asked a local which bus to take (a mistake). I didn't have time to ask the driver if I was on the correct bus before he sped off. When I was able to I found out  that I was on the wrong bus. He dropped me at the next stop, but the last bus to where I needed to go had already left. At this point I thought I was screwed (and I was). I had 0 Euro at this point (It's nearly impossible to get a cash advance here in Italy, especially on a Sunday) and I was told that the taxi does not accept Credit Cards.

I think I ended up taking another bus I thought would get me there but I learned it wouldn't again so I got off. There I was in the middle of a foreign city with no money and what I was told was a VERRRRY long walk ahead of me (It was a 20 min bus ride so you do the math).

So there was nothing left to do but hitch-hike. There's a first time for everything right? An off duty bus pulled over first and the driver was able to take me a mile or so down the road to another bus stop. I guess he thought there would be another bus but it never came.

While waiting here I had a..... strange... experience haha. An old man walks by (this is all while I am trying to hitch a ride again at the bus stop) and starts speaking Italian. I don't understand him but he keeps talking. I caught the word "bello" then he tried to give me a hug. I thought... you know, maybe this was an Italian greeting or something I didn't know about?? Nope... He started repeating the same phrase over and over again trying to get me to understand... Then he pointed right at my penial region and said it. This was enough to thoroughly freak me out and I got away as fast as I could.

As if this wasn't enough to make it a strange night I saw the same prostitute get picked up twice while on that same corner. Also, her pimp stopped by a few times to collect I suppose haha.

Finally a guy named Fabio stopped and gave me a lift. Thank goodness for people like him.

What a crazy night ay?

cmari11 says:
Haha, thanks Kris and Nat... Mom, I told you not to read that haha.
Posted on: Oct 07, 2008
marino10 says:
I'm glad everything worked out, but I think I stopped breathing until I finished reading the entry! Thank you Fabio!!
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
krisks75 says:
I think you actually have pretty good luck, Corey. Only you could get an off-duty bus to pick you up. Haha..
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
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