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Shakespeare's Globe
As I was walking away from St. Paul's Cathedral I saw my reflection in a sidewalk store's window walking with all the Londoners. Today is my 13th day in Europe and it is still hard for me to believe I am here.

I really didn't have any plabns for today except to sleep late for a change. That lasted until 9.45 haha. Back home I can never go to bed early and I never want to get up. That goes to show you how much I do each day I guess haha.

When I finally decided to make a day out of today, I opened up an attraction map for ideas that I got here at the hostel (these are very useful... it's almost like you don't need a guidebook). I saw Temple Church on there and remembered I had wanted to visit there when I was back home planning. Also, I had missed out on St. Paul's Cathedral until today as well.
St. Paul's Dome
The Shakespear Globe Theatre was just across the river, so I decided to make those my three main stops.

St. Paul's and the Globe would have gotten put on hold had the ticket sellers for Romeo and Juliet accepted my offer of 7 pounds rather than the 15 they were charging at the Temple Hall. It was literally the LAST minute before showetime too and they still had tickets to sell! Wouldn't you think that 7 pounds is better than 0 pounds and an empty seat?? Oh well, I only wanted to go $15 worth, not $30. Perhaps if I was back home $30 isn't bad at all for a play, but here it's not in my budget. Plus, a dollar saved is a dollar earned right?

(The attractions from today were great, but the photos do most of the explaining haha).

So I am back at the hostel for what will be an early night hopefully.
Temple Church, build ty the Knights Templar
I am leaving London a day early for Paris tomorrow (with no regrets of not staying longer obviously haha). Early is 6.30 from the trains station. I have to check out here and I plan to hike the 3 miles from here to the station to save about $8 haha. That means I probably have to wake up at about 4.30. Soooo, if I don't go to bed early, having a hostel tonight would be a bit pointless haha. Hopefully Carl, my CS host for the entirety of my time in Paris, won't mind if I take a nap when I get in haha.

I will be glad to be back in the EURO zone for the rest of my trip even though I think the price of the pound dropped about 10 or so cents recently. Well, the Swiss Franc and Czech currency aren't Euro, but they are weaker than the dollar (Even though Switzerland is expensive I hear). Plus, no more paying for rail once I am out of the UK. I'll feel less restricted haha. Like to day I might have gone to Brighton or Canterbury, but I didn't want to get off the return ticket price haha.

Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who keeps up here on the blog. If you haven't already, please request to be my friend on here or leave a message/comment so I know you are out there :)

Talk to you all tomorrow from the City of Lights. 
cmari11 says:
Case in point!!!!!! Thank you Kaylee haha. If there are others, Kaylee is a very good example of what you should do lol.
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
kaylee88 says:
I signed up, you made me do it. I've been creeping the blog for a bit now, I'm glad to see you've been having so much fun! I'll be coming over in 10 days!!!
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
marino10 says:
Sounds like you're really learning to budget your money. That skill will come in handy when you return to the states. And the best part is...your money will go one and a half times farther!!!!haha Have a wonderful time in Paris! Take care of yourself and stay safe! Love you!!
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
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Shakespeares Globe
Shakespeare's Globe
St. Pauls Dome
St. Paul's Dome
Temple Church, build ty the Knight…
Temple Church, build ty the Knigh…
Temple Church
Temple Church
View from the entrance of Temple c…
View from the entrance of Temple …
Effigies in Temple Church
Effigies in Temple Church
Here I was walking down Fleet Stre…
Here I was walking down Fleet Str…
This was the exit gate at St. Paul…
This was the exit gate at St. Pau…
The only bad thing about asking ot…
The only bad thing about asking o…
Inside of St. Pauls Cathedral
Inside of St. Paul's Cathedral
Inside St. Pauls Cathedral
Inside St. Paul's Cathedral
Inside St. Pauls Cathedral
Inside St. Paul's Cathedral
Inside St. Pauls Cathedral
Inside St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Pauls from across the Thames
St. Paul's from across the Thames
View of the London Eye from actoss…
View of the London Eye from actos…
photo by: ulysses