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Paddington Station, My first glimpse of London.
I caught the 11.31 train out of Oxford to London's Paddington Station. I have to say that arriving in a big station like this in a big city like London (especially after JUST leaving towns like York and Oxford) is fairly overwhelming. The whole "being out of my comfort zone" thing was in full effect haha. I asked directions to my hostel here. Luckily, I finally found someone who realized that the portion of the address I had was a stop on the tube (subway), so I folowed the signs towards the underground. I was totally expecting to have to buy a day pass for the tube. When I was walking in, though, there was a guy walking out who was apparently finished with his. He handed it to me without saying a word haha. That saved me about $10.50... I hope this is something they do often lol. Tomorrow I won't be so lucky thought because I will need the pass earlier than 13.30

So I got to my hostel, no problems. The London underground is amazing... it's like a big living, breathing part of the city. Fascinating.. even more than the Chicago public transport was when I was there last summer. Efficicient and very fast moving haha! Just a word to the wise... stay behind the yellow line lol.

The hostel is amazing. The best one I have been to so far, even thought it isn't small and personal like the second one I stayed at in Edinburg. Check the photos... and only 12 pounds a night.

cmari11 says:
haha, mind the gap indeed.
Posted on: Aug 26, 2008
ariel444 says:
mind the gap!
Posted on: Aug 25, 2008
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Paddington Station, My first glimp…
Paddington Station, My first glim…
The Tube in London
The Tube in London
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My bed is to the bottom left
My bed is to the bottom left
A replica of Dumbledores scar.
A replica of Dumbledore's scar.
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