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My train last night was MUCH better than my first night train to Barcelona. I had a couchette as opposed to a reclining seat and I was able to sleep without waking up until we got to Paris.

I got into Paris on time and scheduled my train out of Interlaken to Brugge (I am writing this after the fact and come to find out I made earlier plans to leave essentially losing the 25 euro for these reservations... oh well all okay for the sake of time).

After I went over to have breakfast with Carl. After we ate we went out to a graveyard with many famous people's tombs.

When we got back I had time to take a shower and have the lunch I had bought before heading to Gare l'Est station for my 13h13 train out.

Everything was going fine. I was even getting some more sleep with the pillow I borrowed from the night train. Then, the train stops and a nice lady was kind enough to translate for me that something had fallen onto the track and we could not pass. They put us all on another train headed in the right direction an hour or so later.

...I am on my final train of the night now and I am positive I will make it to Interlaken tonight! I found out it was going to cost me about 30 francs for a cab ride at this hour to take me to my hostel so I improvised. I used my guidebook to find Balmer's hostel which was in walking distance of the station for 25 francs. I called my original hostel and told a white lie about being stuck in Basel for the night having just missed the last train out to Interlaken. He would not let me cancel but he agreed to let me move my reservation to Saturday night (Again, writing in hindsight, I didn't stay in Switzerland to utilize this... I tried to contact them about 20 times with no answer).  
krisks75 says:
Sounds like you had some frustrations to deal with. It's bound to happen. The tree over the track thing happened to me too. Thank goodness we finally found someone to translate for us. They put us on a bus which took us to an alternate train station. Better days ahead...

Did you take the TGV from Paris to Interlaken? That's what we took, and it made for an awesome ride.
Posted on: Sep 14, 2008
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photo by: sherryshakarob