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Well the first time I ever went to Paris was a few weeks after my second belligerent year in Bad Durkeim during Winefest. I ended up losing both my digital camera AND my cell phone at Winefest so I had to buy disposables which were uber lame and not having a cell phone was very irritating.

So anyway, I procrastinated way too long and could only get 1st Class tickets from Landstuhl -> Paris for around €196, which was then roughly $272 and my hostel cost me about €20 a night for two nights. You can already see how fast my account is draining. The benefit of this whole trip was that I was officially in Paris seeing the sites, enjoying myself, & seeing hot, gorgeous females all over the place. The 'Peace & Love Hostel', which was where I was staying, wasn't too bad of a place but I would say only €15 worth a night instead of €20. It was very noticeable from the streets and also a visual distance from a metro station (Jaures). Very nice! The bar was dominating the opening doorway inside with several cheap looking tables & chairs crammed together, a door just to the right of the bar & entrance up to the rooms. The staff was very cool and helped out with any information I needed from food, metros, tickets, and events. I was also informed of a huge event happening this weekend known as the Rugby World Cup. I was very interested so I made a post-it note in my mind. The stairway upwards to the rooms was a bit of a hassle, even when you're sober, since it was barley wide enough to walk up, very steep, and I was on the fourth floor. Not fun at all.

My original intension on going to Paris my first time was to see the Millennium Paintball Series that was going down at Disneyland! There's a problem: My ticket got me to Paris three hours later than I planned, Disneyland was another hour from the hostel, and it was the last day of the Pro games. I check in to the hostel, checked out my room, ask how to get to the Disney and I finally make my way out around 1630. By the time I get to Disneyland only three more teams are going to play in the next 45 minutes. Another problem: No damn person speaks English and even worse, no one knows what 'Paintball' is! I'm trying not to get irritated as best I can. After the fourth person, I feel like freelancing around but scratch that idea when I notice the amount of girth this park is. I check in to an information booth where I witness two beautiful blonde maidens (roughly 5'8" & 5'10", ice blue eyes, perky, white teeth, and beautiful voices. I couldn't see their lower half) who speak ENGLISH and guide me to my destination. I thank them with a big smile and scurry my way towards the parking structure a short distance from the booth. I round the structure, dodging wild drivers and ballers leaving the site. I have arrived! My heart flutters and I step along the grounds like I'm on feathers. I begin to roll video and walk. Once again I’m trying to dodge traffic both human and machine. The grounds were of decent size, in my opinion, with lots of people still in the stands, sitting on the ground, herding around the scoreboards, and in the company show tents. There were lots of clothes & toys to look at. I ended up missing the rest of the Pro games because the scheduling was off and I was also distracted by the Amateur games being played on the other fields. I traveled through the tents and filled my memory bank with potential goodies to buy so by the end of a few hours I was good to go. The games were over for the Pros and nearly over for the other divisions. After learning that Joy took the series, I figured it was time to head back. The train ride was very luxurious compared to the one coming out; A double decker community travelers train with cushioned seats and leg room. Way to go France! I listened to the CD player I borrowed from Kyle.

I arrive back at my hostel after nightfall around 2100, starving, and in dire need of some booze so I decided to drink my dinner before the big game started. I run into a group of guys from Florida so we chill in the bar, have several beers, and watch as France is playing England. South Africa was playing Argentina and SA whooped their asses. I had front row seats to view the 29" plasma with 30 some-odd other people! Now this kind of Rugby funanza, yea FUNANZA, happens only once every four years & yes the entire world IS watching. It was down to the final four teams with this game being the first of four to decide the ultimate victor. I felt like being a jerk and rooted for England instead of France...England won haha. I honestly felt like I was gonna get shanked.

The next day I wake up around 0830 and planned out my day. I chose to see the Opera House, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, Napoleon’s Tomb, The Moulin Rouge, and a couple museums (in no particular order). The worst part about this day wasn't all the walking but because I had disposable cameras. Still, I tried my best to take good shots. Those who say Paris is dirty are full of crap. Paris is very clean considering its size and the amount of people living there and traveling through. Lunch came around and I wandered between four different places because they were either full or closed...yea, you got me. The spot I picked was in a perfect spot of a shot at the Eiffel Tower and in a beautiful garden outside a museum. Not cheap at all, I will say that. My full coarse meal did me some damage at €56 and change. I wouldn't want to do that again but it was so good. Now I can say that I dined pricey in Paris. To finish off the day, I gaggled around the Eiffel Tower from late evening till roughly 2200 watching the massive screens that were erected in the park areas to the south-east. I had a buddy of mine, Saito, tell me that at the strike of every new hour, something cool happens with the Eiffel Tower. I had to stick around when I remembered this and I'm glad I did. The tower sparkled like black diamond in the sun from top to bottom. It was pretty dang cool. I start heading back around 2205 and I suddenly realize why I've been getting dirty looks from loads of people all day. I was wearing red and white...England's colors are red and white! How dumb could I have been?! Again, I was surprised I was never shanked. I return to my Hostel, drop off my gear in my room, walk downstairs to the bar, buy a beer and watch the rest of the game between England and South Africa. France ended up beating Argentina. The lineup was South Africa taking the World Cup title with England in second, then France, and finally Argentina. This was a huge deal for France since this was the first time, in a long time, that they made it to the World Cup Finals.

On my final day, which was more like a half day, I remembered that I totally forgot to get a shot of the Moulin Rouge at night. I was very butt hurt about it. I tried to make a couple small locations but they were either closed or too far away so I just walked to the train station early and waited.

The ride home was cozy and surprisingly no stops. That I enjoyed but I had no music to listen to because my batteries RAN OUT making it a very depressing two and a half hour ride back to Landstuhl.

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photo by: Sweetski