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Taco (in the rear) and Belle (in the front)

Well finally the day has arrived...I am actually going home after two weeks of time in Vegas! I kept extending my trip as I really was trying to avoid reality! :-)  I took it pretty easy on Thursday and went to Sushi Mon with Lisa, Michelle, and Jen (it was like the wedding party dinner!) and I had a beer with JpChoi to wish him off and I was in bed ready for the long drive back today! When I planned the trip, I contacted Roger (X_drive) about getting together with him and Judy since I had not seen them since the Jan meet up in San Francisco.  I feel bad as I changed the day like 5 times of when I was coming home but I finally did make it to see them!

If you have never had the opportunity to meet Roger and Judy - I absolutely recommend it!  Roger was one of the first people who contacted me when I joined TravBuddy and talked me into coming to the first LA meet up last December.

With Roger and Judy!
I arrived at their house in Visalia and Roger was outside waiting for me!  It was awesome to catch up with them and meet their adorable Chihuahuas, Taco and Belle. Yes, you read that right!  I got a tour of the house and saw some of Judy's awesome quilts displayed.  My Mom would be jealous of her sewing room...especially since it's so uncluttered and organized!  Then I got to see where all the TB action happens! LOL.  Roger is amazing....all the statistics he keeps on TravBuddy!  Watch out James (Pearcetoyou) - I am going to figure out to maintain my position above you on the top 10 TBs! HA HA HA. 

One potentially little known fact about Roger - do you know he plays the keyboard?!?! And incredibly well I might add! I got to hear several of his original songs.

Judy and I (photo borrowed from X_Drive)
..yes original!  WOW!  Although I don't know how to play, I am kinda wanting to learn as I want a keyboard like that!  And here I thought Roger spent all his time playing in TB...learned something new!  I am still suggesting the TB band - he and Mark (Travelman727) are quite the pair! 

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay very long as I had to get back on the road to make it in time for my wine pairing event at 7pm up in Elk Grove.  I would've removed my RSVP and hung out but there were a ton of people trying to get into this event and it was closed off at 20 people so I really hated to back out at the last minute and leave them hanging.  Said my goodbyes to Roger and Judy and hopefully I will be back down to see them again soon when I can stay longer as they only live 3-4 hours from me! 

Overall, the drive back wasn't too bad except for the multiple freeway fires!  There were 4 different fires that involved the freeway brush - one of which scared the heck out of me! It was a large fire and the wind caught the fire and flames jumped all the way to my car as I tried to pass.

Roger and I - borrowed photo from his camera! :-)
  It was so hot and absolutely no way to see through the thick smoke, flying debris, and flames touching the window of my car!  Eeeeek!  Not fun!  But I made it back, safe and sound....a few minutes late for my wine event but made it nevertheless! :-)

X_Drive says:
We forgot to have you sign the official adoption papers so you are now officially our daughter, but we all know it. :)
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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Taco (in the rear) and Belle (in t…
Taco (in the rear) and Belle (in …
With Roger and Judy!
With Roger and Judy!
Judy and I (photo borrowed from X_…
Judy and I (photo borrowed from X…
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Roger and I - borrowed photo from…
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