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Grace with her godiva liqour martini
I hung out with my LA crew travbuddies  on Saturday  at the hollywood and highland, Jenn and  i did a little bit of shopping, stopped at the coffee bean for some refreshments. Girls told me they may go to Pasadena tonight to meet up with Joy and Rob for dancing, i said i'd like that but i need to go home first and get change, i asked Jenn if she could just text me the info for tonight's venue and i'll just meet them there. Meantime, i called Grace, whom i have not seen in weeks, asked to see if she would like to join us tonight, she just got back from San Francisco on a business trip so i was afraid she's going to say no, surprisingly  she said yes to me but can only meet me for dinner.
me and my wine
Since i have'nt had anything to eat yet, i told Grace that we could meet up for dinner and we could probably have one in Pasadena as long as she can meet  me at my place at around 8pm.She said it was okay, i got home and changed my outfit to an evening dress. Grace got to my place at around 8:30pm and told  me she was hungry. I assured her that we can get to Pasadena in no time, perhaps twenty to twenty five minutes. Not!! Traffic was horrible!! it took us almost fourty minutes in the freeway,yay! Sorry Grace! I could tell Grace was ready to pass out and kindly nice to tell me, we'll get there soon!
We got to Pasadena, i was craving for an Italian food, since only food i've been eating the past few days was asian cuisine, i need to have something else besides Asian food .
after dinner at Luise's Tratoria
There's this place i really like, it's called Mia Place Italian Kitchen, located in Old Town Pasadena along Colorado ave. though we passed Luise's Tratoria, Grace said why cant we just go there and eat, i'm about to pass out girl! I said oh no, lets go this place, you'll love it great food and has better quality than Luise's. We crossed the street and started heading to the restaurant, got to the restaurant, we asked for two table but been told that it would take another half hour before they could seat us.Oh my but were hungry!We said never mind thank you and left. We went back to the other restaurant,Luise's Tratoria it is, where it was'nt so busy  (wonder why right?)and ask if  we could have a table for two.We got seated in no time and ordered an appetizer and drinks.
lovely picture of Grace
We were in the middle of our dinner when i decided to text Jenn, it is now 10pm and still not heard from her so i decided to text her.She said still has not heard from Joy but plan of coming just have to finish her phone call then will meet up soon, Tracy on the other hand should be on her way too but decided to backed out when i told her we are not going to stay long,I told both Jenn and Tracy that we can only stay for another hour or so then will be heading back home soon.Grace has homework to do and i promised her that i'll take her home before or around midnight.Jenn then message me back that she's not coming either and will just see each other tomorrow for the barbeque that she's going to have at her place.
We finish our food around 11:30 pm and asked the waitress to give us our bill so we can leave, the waitress was so attentive to us that Grace and I  decided to give her enough for tip from the good service that she made.
our two for one Cosmopolitan Martini:DD
Our bill came up to $70.00 and both split up the bill, was not bad at all i said! Normally when she and i go out, we sometimes pays over a hundred just for dinner.We both like to eat good quality and dont mind the price as long as it's good.
We took few pictures from the restaurant and even ask the server to take us!...Then we started walking towards the parking lot when Grace said, aww that's a nice music! didnt know where it was coming from so decided to find the place, we crossed the street but realized it was on the other side where we at! Geezz! Ok so crossed back again and finally found it, it was coming from the back patio and they were playing cool music with  live band.We wanted to go inside but we came from the back  so the bouncer requested us to go around and enter at the front.
inside the Bar
I'm more worried of Grace  not gettin back soon so i asked her if she's  okay to stay around for a few more minutes just to check the place out, maybe splitting up a drink just for a bit.
The place was sort of loud due to their music, i kind of like the music actually.At that time the band stop playing which was the reason why we went right? I asked her what drink should we order and she suggested Cosmopolitan Martini with Belvedere.I asked the girl who's bartending at that time to split the drink and so she did! So we now have two Cosmo with a price of one hahaha!
We went back to the patio and found a table to hold our martini down, there was a couple in that table but  didnt mind us sharing theirs. Again i asked the guy in our table to take us a picture for the last time, nice if him to do it.
It's 12:30am and we really should get going, so we left the place then drove back home.
Fun times;=)
pvtjoy says:
Looks like FUN!!!!
Where has Grace been?
BBQ my place on the 27th - Tracy's cousin in town! Tell Grace!
Hope you have a GREAT day!
Posted on: Jul 16, 2008
Sheila_0808 says:
thanks girly, sorry you missed it.We had a great time;P
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
jenn79 says:
such pretty pictures!! Sorry it didn't work out that night OR tonight!! =(
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
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Grace with her godiva liqour marti…
Grace with her godiva liqour mart…
me and my wine
me and my wine
after dinner at Luises Tratoria
after dinner at Luise's Tratoria
lovely picture of Grace
lovely picture of Grace
our two for one Cosmopolitan Marti…
our two for one Cosmopolitan Mart…
inside the Bar
inside the Bar
i borrowed Graces drink for the c…
i borrowed Grace's drink for the …
Were the only  one left in the re…
We're the only one left in the r…
Grace looking cute as always;P
Grace looking cute as always;P
ok, this was a bad photo of me. Sh…
ok, this was a bad photo of me. S…
aww, were just too cute! j/k;D
aww, we're just too cute! j/k;D
very pretty!
very pretty!
last one i promise!hahaha!
last one i promise!hahaha!
Bar called Neomeze
Bar called Neomeze'
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