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how I got here..... I've been here almost a week now. So strange. I've been waiting for the time to pass and it so has. I left and got a bus to Chetumal, just over the border into Mexico. Something inside told me to either just stay in Chetumal for one night and decide where to go or head straight to Tulum. But I was really scared that if I had gone to Tulum, it would be way to expensive and I only had a week left to go.

So, I decided to go to Majahual. A girl on the bus from Belize City to Orange Walk had told me that she had met a couple of girls that had gone to Majahual and said that it was a great beach scene and really cheap. I arrived in Mahajual around almost 5 and walk to several hotels, they were way out of my budget more than $20 a night and most more than $30. I had no idea what the freak these girls were talking about. Obviously, they were not backpackers. I met a guy that was standing on the road with a menu to a restaurant. He talked to me for a while and tried to help solve my problems by saying that he could hook me up with some guy that would let me rent a tent for 100 pesos per night. Rent a tent? Are you crazy. In San Cristobal, you can find hostals for 50... I thought shit.. I am in deep doodoo. He was so kind though and really wanted to help me. He told me that in less than 1/2 hour there was a bus to Tulum... I thought shit, here we go... I went back to the bus and started talking to the bus driver about my predicament that I was almost out of money and looking for a cheap place to spend the last couple of days... I began talking to three other construction workers that convinced me if I went to Felipe Carril, I could find really cheap hotels..... So, I bought a bus ticket there.... Now I had spent more than if I had gotten a ticket straight to Tulum. So, I finally arrive almost 8. I walked for more than an hour and all the hotels were the same price. I found two huespedes that were cheaper, but exactly like El Salvador.. Listen folks. The term huespedes has a totally different meaning. Be really sure what kind of lodging you are getting into... They were disgusting and were on offer for a couple of hours. I returned to the bus terminal closely on the verge of tears and feeling nearly defeated.

I bought a bus ticket to Tulum. On the bus, I just gave it up and sent it back to the universe. Fear steared me off course and I had to have faith that the universe would take care of things.... I arrived in Tulum around 10. The first foreigner I saw walking out of the terminal, I asked where is the cheapest hostal, he told me straight up and on the right. I found it and walked in. As I was walking up to the reception there was a sign saying looking for hard working backpackers to work 5 hours in exchange for bed and breakfast.... Fuck yeah! I'll work that shit silly. Are you kidding! I'll be a slave monkey for food and bed... That night they were full, but the guy at the reception said I could stay with him for the night... I waited until he got off work and followed him to his place. I was a little worried about it, but felt it was going to be ok. Typical bachelor pad. He had an air mattress. He asked if I wanted to buy some pot, if he went and bought some would I want to share.... huh. I don't have money to eat much less buy pot. Told him no and just wanted to sleep.. Said he would be back soon. I rolled out my bag on the floor and crashed out. He insisted that I share the bed with him.... oh yeah.... great. No where this is going to go. But thought I hadn't showered in a couple of days... That shoud be enough to keep a little distance I should think. So I moved to his mat and he left.  He came back not too long after. He woke me up and we chatted and joked a bit. I thought good, the stank is holding him off. Not true. He tried to grop me a bit and I kept telling him no and I didn't feel comfortable. He finally gave up, mumbled that this was turning vulgar.... well yeah. He rolled over and finally left me alone. I couldn't sleep. First light, I gathered my stuff and went back to the hostal. They arranged a bed for me and I finally was able to take a shower. It was bad. I had to peel the clothes off.

So that's where I've been I have been working for 5 hours each morning and taking the afternoon free shuttle to the beach. I met some amazing Canadians and have spent a couple of days just hanging with them on the beach, sharing their beauty and a little reading. The sand is amazingly white and the ocean is the most vibrant blue I have every seen. The hostal is cool and I have, more or less, been really enjoying. Met really great people.

Today, most of the workers didn't show up... I think I know why. I've seen it before.... Something about foreign owned places, I can't say all foreign owned places... Every single place I have met that is run by an American or Canadian male, they are total asses. No wonder his workers didn't show up, the night before I heard how he was talking to them. Anyhoo. They didn't show. I worked the first shift to cover my bed for the night and I offered to help clean the hostal in which they agreed to pay 150 for the work. Sweet! I was down to my last 100 and it was barely going to cover bus fare...

I am almost there. So almost there. That has more meaning than I could possibly express. I am returning to myself. The self that I have been running away from for more than a year... Full circle. I am coming home to me. The beautiful me it has taken years to be able to see. The beauty that is me, the love I have, the love I have found around me and in me. I am going home to surround myself with people who love me. No plans. Just breathing.

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photo by: Mezmerized