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The day I returned. Amor y amistad. Love and Friendship.

I have returned to the place where I have run away. I have returned to
the person I have been hiding. The anger and hate, fear and sadness I
felt, I carried with me on my travels. I carried it back. It didn't follow
me. I saw it, understood it. On that water's edge, I held it in my
hands. Held it up to the sunlight. I saw through it. The fire's edge
and the center's sunlight. It burned, but I did not let it go. I
brought it back to put on a pedestal in the sunlight. So I can see it
daily. I can free myself daily.....back to the beginning where I began
to run.

On the pedestal is now a burning flame.  Flickering in the flame is me
- the old and new, the flames flare and subside, the embers remain a
quiet burning. I see ahead and behind. Mirroring desire and despair.
Hope and pain. I look at it daily, the burning, the flame. Sometimes it
is a beautiful thing I see. Sometimes full of pain.  Pain from the
brightness, not because of the light, but what the light shows. It is
the darkness I want. A quiet moment where I am not forced to behold
myself in the light. It is the silence of the dark I long for deeply.
But I brought it back so I could find my way on the other side of the
darkness. The light pierces my eyes and burns my heart. The darkness is
pulling the light inside of me. From inside it wants to grow. Deep
within it wants to glow.

I'm back. To the beautiful souls who helped show me the mirror and the
flame. Jenn and Karien from Nicaragua. Rin and Darcy from Mexico, Jorge
from Mexico...... to all who have added to me.... Brief encounters,
moments of love and caring, times of laughter and sharing. All who are now part of me and helped me on this journey.

To the dearest and most cherished friends I have gathered through the years,
who have brought me light and hope, a chance to see love and seek more.

Love. Peace. Quiet Bliss.
'A flower for you. A Buddha to be'

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photo by: Reephboy