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Our home for a night.
Berlin is like how a woman is to a man. (Not that I am supposed to know, but I have been brainwashed by the media).  It amazes me, fills me with awe and wonder, but suffocates me sometimes.  It is complicated.  It is a love-hate relationship.  So sometimes, I need to get away. So.
After my inter-cultural management exam (for dummies, understanding "typisch": why most Asians eat noisily and such), change my mental frame of mind, and I'm back to being an excited child at the prospect of getting an ice-cream for getting good grades.  Except this is not ice-cream.  No, no, no.  This is much more. THis is me going crazy at seeing, breathing in the world.  Oh my fucking my - I'm excited.  

So I hit the road with Ola and her ex-boyfriend who still considers himself as the boyfriend.
  But what the heck.  Who cares.  We have a car. And he wants to be the chauffeur. So, we're not complaining.  (He's awesome though.  Nice bloke).  We ride on the East side of Germany, and my smile widens as we get outside of Berlin, approach Dresden.  Happy memories flood down on me.  Yes, it almost felt like rain drops pouring on me, as I close my eyes and embrace Mother Nature's gift.  But no, not quite.  Let's just say, media exaggerates things.  I just felt good, as I reminisced Dresden 6 months ago.  

We drive through the countryside and... I see Polish people.  Any difference with the Germans? Um.. the older women don't walk around with flashing bright red and orange hair to boost their sexuality (no offence).
  Other than that, not much difference.  Polish sounds much more complicated than German though.  It's maybe just me.

We stop quickly in Legnica to fuel our hungry bodies.  I want to order Polish food.  Mihal starts thinking and there's a naughty smile on his face.  I ask if I should be scared or not.  He exchanges a few words with Ola, and she smiles back.  Hummmm... But I'm in the adventurous mood, so I'm up to anything because f*ing hell, I'm in Poland.  I get served some soup with potatoes, carrots and meat IN a bread. The bread is the bowl, and the outside part is still crispy and warm.  Reluctance.  But I bring the spoon to my lips.
A Polish dog.
  Tasty.  As the warmth goes down my throat, I feel better.  That IS good! I ask if I have to eat the bread when I finish my soup, but by the time I did finish my soup, I was full.  So, my first taste of Polish food was pleasant.  Interesting.

We arrive in Wroclaw at her friends place, as we crash in his room-mate's room, whose coincidentally away at the same time.  Fuck.  Typical bachelor's pad.  Green mould growing in the corners, some funky smell in the air - a mixture of sweat, and fuck knows what.  But heck.  Who cares.    I just need to sleep ON my sleeping bad on the mattress, and not toss and turn during my sleep, so that there's minimal contact with the bed sheet and my skin.
Ola and Mihal
Yikes.  So, I inspect the room, trying to guess what this bloke does for a living.  Ola reads my mind: "He's a ... errr... how do you say animal doctor?".  Ah.  Vet.  Yes, I see books on dogs and mammals.  And gulp.  Wtf??? My eyes widen (if that's possible) when I see pink handcuffs on the shelf with a leopard print bathing robe folded neatly next to it.  Shit.  It's funny if he likes playing it dirty with girls.  But I don't wanna think if he's the one wearing it. Trauma in my head.  He must be a sad sod.

I look through the window.  Then I climb out of the window to check out the view from die Balkon. Wroclaw. Poland. Aha.  Nice.  But I need to see more.  It is nighttime already.  The Polish need beer in their system, so we go to a club.
Actually we go to many clubs.  Dancing scene is great and there's a good party vibe.  I feel self-conscious as I notice many stares.  I get the "Asian in Polksa" vibe.  But friendly vibes though.  I feel special. Ha.

Nothing eventful.  We dance the night away.  WE're really tired, and beer is not helping.  I am too much of beer person myself.  I am the cocktail lady.  Pina colada, anything creamy's good for my health.  I love cocktails.  I feel dizzy.  Few guys trying to chat me up.  I don't understand much and I burst out laughing.  But i'm not laughing at them.  I just felt like laughing. I'm weird. He gets confused, and somehow offended.  Ag.  I grab Ola and we start dancing again.
  Exams are far far away.  I am far from the rat race that I refuse to get trapped in.  Man, it has been long since I felt that feeling of freedom again, and I love it.  I close my eyes.  Once again, this is where I should be saying it felt like rain drops sprinking on me.  But no.  Let's keep it real.  I was happy.

That was day 1. I'll talk about day 2 some other time. Reality check: Elida just called.  I'm in Berlin again.  She wants to hang out.  I have been reading about German culture since yesterday night and I am in love with Berlin again.  Ok, let me get ready.
dahling says:
nice writing, but I was hoping for a little information about Wroclaw...
Posted on: Jul 02, 2012
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Our home for a night.
Our home for a night.
A Polish dog.
A Polish dog.
Ola and Mihal
Ola and Mihal
There was supposed to be the most …
There was supposed to be the most…
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