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I visited Sweden for the first time in winter. I know it might seem strange or crazy but I went there as part of a sports tour.

I stayed in Upssala city for 10 days and 2 more days in Stockholm. I loved the place and made lots of friends there. I knew that this place would be great in the summer so i planned a visit the following summer. I made it, lucky me, to Stockholm for almost 40 days. On my first trip i made friends who did help me a lot especially in finding me a studio to rent at very reasonable price. I walked in the city as i never walked before.  In this tour i visited also Helsinki and Amsterdam and enjoyed a lot Copenhagen's Tivoli amusement park and cristiana peace park.

It became a habit to go to the Scandenavian in summer and move from there to other countries by last minute deals. thanks to my friends who live there and have really helped me a lot in accomodation and deal hunting. From Sweden I got a good deal to go to Mykonos (greece), I liked this place a lot. it is a party all day kind of place but you can also sleep all day.
Sylia line cruise from stockholm to helsinki was a great one that i had to repeat again. I paid for a c class ticket at cheap price for 2 nights cruise. I was expecting 3 more other people to share the very small room. I was very lucky, it was all for me for a cheap price.

In helsinki i was thinking of visiting Tallin Estonia. I was unlucky cause i was informed that a visa from my country should be issued so i just went back again to stockholm by the cruise. I missed the chance of knowing about The estonian people because their government is applying very old system that collapsed.

The same problem happened to me on my way back from stockholm to cairo on turkish airlines with transit in Istanbul. I missed the flight and had to wait for 24 hours inside the airport on waiting list for the simple fact that the respecatable turkish government requires a visa from the country of origin. The surprise is that they dont even want to talk to you in a respecable manner and English language is not appreciated there even.

I definatly will be back to sweden next summer. I love watching immigrants that live there with their different background and the amount of lifestyle change they are willing to apply on themselves (nothing).

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