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So I went to Rome a little while ago(I think you can say like long ago) and i din't even write something about it but I had a great time. I went there on a school trip so our schedule was very busy. We've seen in a week (in my opinion) a little to much to really enjoy it. In one day we had see 4 to 5 things and not very close to eachother. And i'm not really the person who's willing to walk 5 miles to the bus station and then run the last mile to get our bus. Then when you're finally in your bus you have to stand for half an hour because you're with a group of 40 people. When you go there on your own the experience is better, but I think after all it was worth it. So what we've seen: The Colloseum(of course), St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain and many other things. The most amazing part of the trip was that you get to see all those old buildings and it's really fasinating that they're still there. The trip was really tiring because (like I already said) we had to walk a lot and we also had to make assignments where we din't had enough time for. So the last day we could finally chill out: in the morning we went shopping(:D) and in the afternoon we went to the beach(:D). and that was it then we had a plane to catch. So my conclusion: The ice cream is so good(really!), there's a lot to do(We din't even do half of it, so I was told), you don't have to spend your whole day in the city busy doing sights there's also a beach, make sure you wear good shoes(you don't want to get blisters!), But realy the most important thing is HAVE FUN(that's how I got through the trip with my friends). 


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