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On our way home from Chartres we made a last stop in Versailles. We didn't visit the city, only the palace of the roi du soleil, Louis Quatorze. I'm sure it must be an amazing place, but after spending so much time in the sober cathedral it felt a little to 'bling bling' to us.


Versailles was actually build by Louis Treize, who loved to hunt in the area and wanted a place to stay overnight. Yet it was Louis Quatorze who expanded the building and made it the palace that it still is today. He left Le Louvre in Paris to elude the hustle and epidemics, and settled in the rural Versailles for the bigger part of his life.

We took a quick walk trough the different rooms, all stuffed with golden details (well, not really details since everything was shiny and expensive for sure), carpets against the walls and paintings on the ceilings. What I liked most of the interior was the ballroom hall, with a beautiful view over the gardens, a magnificent wooden floor and mirrors all around.
But after the overwhelming luxury we than hurried into the gardens (about 800 ha big – or should I say huge?) to catch some sun and wonder around the fountains and statues.


I couldn't possibly write that Versailles is not worth visiting. After all, it is the biggest palace in Europe and it is UNESCO cultural inheritance. I can only say we didn't enjoy it that much, because of the contrast with our earlier stay in Chartres. I don't think I'm going to visit it again, though different circumstances might make me like it more...

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photo by: diisha392