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20 years later, I am a spitting image of my parents.. I haven't changed that much either....

Back in August 1975, Once I was of school age, my parents and I moved to Steelton from Harrisburg.  Steelton was an old fashioned town with a tight knit community.  Everyone seems to know you there.  

We lived on 336 Cameron St which at the time when we moved there, we were the only house on the street.   There is another Cameron St in Harrisburg, but this is one of the smallest streets in Steelton.  The local Legion was at the bottom of the hill,  The Local Bar 'Jones Corner' bar was also at the bottom of the hill.  We were right across the way from United Parcel Service.,  until in the 90's they literally moved in our front yard.  I learned to ride my bike across the street in an open field.  My girlfriend lived two blocks away on 336 Lincoln St.  Lincoln street is one of the longer streets too in Steelton.  It runs from Front St. all the way up the hill to a cemetary.  Growing up the cemetery was a scary place for us. 

The elementary school was the highschool when my grandmother went there.  When I went there (in the 70's), the third floor was only for Art class and soon later in the 80's it became off limits to everyone until it was remodeled in the 90's. 

Steelton is full of hills.  One of the main hills is Pine St.  It runs from the river up the hill all the way to the border of Harrisburg.  I walked 1 mile to school everyday because I was not to far to ride the bus.  That one mile got rather easy as I got older.  Rain sleet or snow as our grandparents joke they walked 5 miles though to school.......  It is all the same if you ask me......   I was in a little group of speed walkers too.  We used to see who could get to school the fastest.  As short as I was, my little legs eventually got me there in 14 minutes, all up hill!!!! Going home was all down hill but it always seemed to take much longer. 

I was in all the highschool plays and musicals.  I haven't practiced my singing or acting since then.....  I was kept busy mostly by my dancing lessons that I had taken for 11 years.  I was a gymnast, a ballerina, a jazz dancer and a tap dancer.  My last recital was in 1986 at Hershey Community Theater.   

As I grew up and went to college and then joined the Service,  I would visit home and it seemed nothing changed much over the years.  Most of the same people live in the same houses and have gotten older and many have passed away.  I still go back to Steelton to visit my friends when I go home to visit my family.  My mom moved to Harrisburg in 2001.  We drive by the old house every now and again to see what the new residents have done.  Lots of cracks and not much cement around the house any more.  The fence is rusty and has been painted over so many times.  I see shadows of my childhood everytime I drive thru my old neighborhood! 

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20 years later,  I am a spitting i…
20 years later, I am a spitting …
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