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July 21st


             Well, I decided since I can't get to the Internet very often I should start documenting my days on my portable hard drive and then post it on my blog whenever I get to an Internet cafe, otherwise I will just forget about everything.


             So, today was sad. Tyler left for the airport around 10am and I am starting to feel pretty alone. I'm trying not to think about it too much, I'll just get even more sad :( But the countdown officially begins today. Approx. 8 weeks and 4 days till I see him again....oh and everyone else of course.


             After Tyler left I waited till about 1pm for a small bus to pick me up at the hotel to take me to the airport where I was to meet 2 other volunteers and the in country coordinator for Honduras. Afterwards, they took us to Valle De Angeles (about 45 min. away from Tegucigalpa), and that's where I am at right now. We did a quick little tour of the town (literally QUICK...the town has like 3 streets) and then went to eat. The meal wasn't anything too grand but we went around to some fun little souvenirs shops and I bought some coffee beans that are supposed to be very good that are made here in Honduras and some leather (sort of ) coasters. Now, I am sitting in my room with another female volunteer (Sonya from the UK) and not really doing much except sitting trying to think of stuff to do...pretty bored actually.


             Tomorrow we wake up, eat breakfast, and go to orientation, then off to our projects. I'm getting pretty burned out from living in hotels though. I know I am already missing the US and was actually pretty jealous when Tyler left. I have definitely took for granted a nice clean shower and even though I have had warm water here...I have no idea where the water is coming from. That's now one of the reasons the is a bottle of purified water in the bathroom for brushing your teeth. Another thing I am missing is just plain cleanliness and pride for your country. Going through Tegucigalpa, and other parts of the country, it is really sad to see SOOO much trash just on the sides of the roads and outside of restaurants. But I definitely can't wait to come back already. It's a pretty country near Puhlapanzak waterfall. Very green and beautiful trees and flowers (lots of bugs) but, like I said, I'm already missing America.




July 23rd



             Well today was my first day of official teaching. At 7:00 am is when I had my first private lesson with an older man around his 50s, Luis. He was very nice and seemed to really be needing to talk to someone in English for practice. It was fun.

             I was excited to meet the class my roommate, Karen, has from 9-12. It is a little class of about 6 participating students plus 1 very undisciplined little girl about 4-5 years old. I was very surprised to find out...that I REALLY did not enjoy this group of kids. There were 2 little girls I really liked and just absorbed the lesson (Crystal and Maria) and 2 little boys that were fun and also very smart(Ricardo and Fernando) but the other 2 girls were just pain in the neck, out of control, whining, loud divas. They must have been 8-9 years old. This was probably the most time I have spent with kids were I didn't enjoy the time. I am one to love kids...love talking, playing, and listening to kids. But this was a different story. I don't know if it is just because this school is a private school and these kids don't appreciate the fact that they have the privilege to learn English or if they really just have these stuck up attitudes. I have actually been observing that the parents here have a total lack of discipline for their kids. They let them do whatever they want. For example: the family I am living with seems real sweet (the mother is from what I can gather, haven't spent too much time with her and the family though) but they 2 year old daughter just yells and runs around gets whatever she wants...she yells a lot.

             Tonight was pretty sad though. The mother asked me if I wanted dinner and I came down expecting to see the whole family helping out with food and putting it on the table  but here is this 15-17 year old maid giving me food and then the family's 2 kids, no parents to eat with them. The kids were in the living room watching some television show on their plasma flat screen tv. To get the kids over to the table to eat, the maid checks what channel they are watching and puts the channel on their OTHER plasma flat screen tv in front of the table. Then they start eating.


             My stay here so far hasn't been anything that I expected. Believe me, I prepared myself for the worse possible circumstances. However, I didn't prepare myself to be coming to a place that seems just like America and the rich Hondurans would be sending their snobby kids to the private school. When Tyler and I traveled outside of the capital the culture seemed more rich and around everyone but here in the city, terrible lack of it. And I would love to go traveling around the Country but that is only for the weekend and I would miss meeting.

             SO far it doesn't look like this is for me. I was wanting to do this to help out the community and the underprivileged of Honduras. Don't get me wrong, learning English is great and it seems like those that are coming for their businesses and such (the adults) are really getting their money's worth. I just thought I would be working with a group of children that really needs and appreciates this help. I met someone doing just that and it sounds great but he's a volunteer with no pay and don't even get me started on finances right now when I don't even make enough to save for our wedding.

             Well, today was kind of an eye-opening day for me and a disappointing eye-open at that so I guess you could call this an update/rant. I am planning a return at the end of August now instead of the end of September. I do miss everyone and it would be great to start looking for a full time job in SLO. If anyone knows of anything let me know! Thanks!

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Well, sorry for not updating anything but it is a little hard to go and use the internet. Well not hard just that my laptop decided just before I came down to not work with wireless connections. There are a lot of internet cafes but so far they have been pretty slow connections and they just make me frustrated in the end.

Yesterday was probably the most eventful day. We went to Puhlapanzak waterfall and ziplined over the falls and a tour guide took us over some rocks and underneath the falls into a cave. Most adventous thing I have ever done! We have a lot of souviners so far and everything is pretty cheap down here. Well Tyler leaves tomorrow and then I´m on my own :(


Hope everyone is doing well And I will try to update more and put some pictures up here but like I said connections are rather slow. See ya!

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So sorry, pour les problèmes de computer !
Hay if you can't find time it's OK don't worry, I'm sure everyone understands. Gros colin
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