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Awhile back I was able to travel with some family and check out San Diego. I was excited about the opportunity to travel outside of Az... i mean why not? The sun, beaches, attractive girls... in my head i was already there!
Like good fashion we left through phoenix, heading toward tucson... we figured we would be heading through yuma. This might sound very shocking, but i honestly never knew how close mexico really was to Az (stupid i know!!).
So the journey was on... a/c doing its best to cool me down in another 100 degree day... there was absolutely nothing to do or see from phx to yuma. Once we got to Yuma we stopped for a quick bite... tried the new chicken sandwhich (which i strongly compare to the delicious chicken sandwhich of CHICK-FIL-A).
I never knew how fast this place grew, i mean last i saw it was years ago and there was pretty much just a couple of buildings but that was about it!
So it took us about a good 6 hours to make it there... i honestly forgot how long 6 hours in a car felt like! but we checked into the hotel, which was located in downtown san diego, a few miles from the Gaslamp area. Arrived late at night so it was straight to bed. I know using the employee rate was awesome due to the price, but man, did they screw us. I mean they put us in the back right next to the trolley tracks!?! it felt like the trolley was going all night, constantly hearing the noises!
Anywho, skipping toward to the good stuff... on our way to SeaWorld... geez, i was more giddy than the other kids were.
I mean this was the first time since... since...umm.. maybe 10-12 years ago!! we came to the enterence booth and paid the toll.. not happily since i notice that a few rides i was looking forward to was out of order... the spinning tower thing-a-ma-gig, and also the Atlantis ride... = (  but it didn't wear my spirits down too much, i mean this is where Shamu lives...!!! Once coming in, we had the typical photographer guy ask us if we wanted to have our picture taken - thanks but we have a camera.... = )  upon entering we had to choose which path to take there were 3 of them. We saw the Shamu exhibit on the sign, so naturally it HAS to be the FIRST thing we had to do and see, so we hit up Shamu.. good timing since a show was about to start in about 15 minutes and everyone was gathering like a herd of cows.
.. and these people are MEAN! pushing squeezing into lil spaces... and here i am a 6'4'' big guy getting pushed around by 10 year olds...  so we arrived and noticed the whole lower bowl was taken up! and i knew what was coming, the innocent couldn't read SPLASH ZONE... go figure! after seeing these beautiful creatures do there thing and totally soak the lower seating i couldn't help but laugh... good signs pointed to this day being GREAT! and so it was... Afterward, i HAD to get some souvinoir items, cups with Shamu's heads head, a couple shirts and of cours... SHOT GLASSES (my new thing to collect). after countless hours of walking and watching show after show, i was still giddy! poor kids had to drag me out there! I honestly didn't know where the parents were, i mean they just leave me with the kids! but i think their logic was leave the kids with the BIG KID! not too bad since we experienced it all, but yet i still left wanting MORE!! There were also some exhibits that I didn't have the time to see,  so whoever is game... let me know...!!
reikunboy says:
We have a sea world in Australia.I went there this Augus. I hadn't been since I was about 6 years old great fun.
Posted on: Dec 17, 2008
marksreynolds says:
I've never been, even though we were in Orlando for a week. Oh well, may next time :)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
Jopin says:
I love being a kid again, especially since I have a 14-year old brother who loves animals like I do! SO going out with him is always fun. He takes his time viewing and enjoying exhibits of animals, whether at the aquarium or the zoo. :)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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