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Formentera is a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea, close to Ibiza. It doesn’t have an airport so you have to land on Ibiza and travel there by boat... For me, it was my first real trip ever and though it was more like a touristy holiday I enjoyed it a lot. For the first time in my live I took a plane and saw this beautiful blue water.

The boat made an awful lot of noise as we stood on the deck and watched Formentera coming closer. The island is so small, you can drive from the one end to the other in less than an hour. Not necessary to say that there isn't much to be seen there, though it is a peaceful place and people are really nice.

When we went there, it wasn't at all touristy. Maybe it has changed over the years though.

.. Yet there are only few hotels. We filled our week riding over the dusty paths by scooter, cruising from one point to the other. We made sure we got to see every view possible.

What really stuck with me are the lighthouses. On every end of the island you can find one, and when you drive up there it's like an endless, dark road cutting thought the plain stony landscape. As far as you can see there are rocks, collapsing at the islands borders into high cliffs above the sea. The flashing light of the lighthouse comes closer and closer while the sun disappears behind the sea and colours the sky in those Mediterranean pink tints. And then suddenly the islands stops. Deep beneath you waves are thrown against the massive rocks and ahead of you there is only the water. Everything is so quite, apart from you there is no one else. That’s what I remember of it: the isolation. The silence. The dry plains that suddenly stop, the beautiful beaches and the fish in the warm water.

Of course, I was young and I hadn't seen anything like it before. This made it all even more special. Though, Formentera is a really nice place to visit just for a day. I would never go there again to stay for a week, since there really is nothing to be seen. But there is quietness and peace, so party people willing to take a rest after some long nights on Ibiza can find it in Formentera for sure.

nonna says:
I love your writing. Formentera is one of the stops on a tour I'm taking next fall and I was so happy to see you'd written about it. Your words give a good impression of what Formentera will be.
Posted on: Jul 08, 2009
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photo by: Pearl510