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Cooling our feet down

Mosquito's here are obsessed! When you're rubbed in completely with protection stuff, they bite your fingers... Budget for breakfast: 2 euros. Christ I'm hungry! We eat our meal on one of the squares here. Covered with fountains that is an ideal spot to refresh. Palm trees grant us some shade.

Than we visit a museum about the history of the city. This is located in an old tower like building. I believe it must have been part of the town-wall some hundreds of years ago. The terrace on the roof here offers a great view over the city and the river running through it.

32°C Today, and a two hours walk ahead us. We climb a hill just outside the city, looking for an archaeological site. At the horizon we can see thunder coming, so we better hurry.

There is quite some gratification to gain from this trip. My feet are killing me (got some nasty blisters on my feet from earlier walks and trips. Some of them are as big as a mandarin and pretty much bleeding). Yet the top is reached, the sight is magnificent, and so are the old remains we came to watch. You can also buy ice cream here. Wonderful refreshment!

We all sit down to draw some impressions. Scarce trees among the ancient ruins. Heavy clouds pressing the hot air down over the dry sands. Thunder rolling in the distance. Quite a mighty atmosphere surrounding us. Snowy mountains break the horizon and little white villages shimmer in the distance.

Birds don't make nests here. They live in holes in the stone walls, which are even smaller than they are. It is a miracle how they get in. Apart from there noisy songs it is quite. No one makes a sound. There are no cars, no planes, nothing... Bushes are covered with yellow, bright flowers. Sometimes red, but often purple as well. Andalusia is the land of colours!

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Cooling our feet down
Cooling our feet down
Breakfast at a little square
Breakfast at a little square
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