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Mighty view over the Ronda vally

The airplane landed, roughly yet on schedule. The Sierra Nevada beneath us grew bigger and bigger, and the huge fields of tonsil trees came closer. But Malaga isn't the place one likes to stay for a long time. Here the roads are dirty and the streets noisy and crowded. We take the train to Ronda, with beautiful views. The mountains are all around us, scorched and dry, but oh so overwhelming. Deep canyons gaze at me as we race over them. Beneath us shimmer lakes and are bridges clinching the mountains together. This trip is magnificent.

The endless tree fields we saw from the air have replaced the mountains now. Though we can still see the Sierra Nevada, here the landscape is waving and coloured by sunflower fields.

I can't find the words to describe what I see. It is breathtaking, just because it's so different. In one way or another it is more 'earthly', more natural it is for sure. Houses are nowhere to be seen. It feels like we are the only ones left on the planet. I wish I could describe the beauty I'm seeing. Poppy's all around.


Street dogs in Spain don't haunt cats, here it's far too warm for that.
For the first time since my arrival I watch the Sierra Nevada, not from the air or a train, but from on top of this mighty bridge. A huge, deep gap lies beneath us. Waterfalls refresh the flora in it. I think I took way to much pictures...
We descend the small path into the cleft and walk our way to one of the falls. We climb the old remainings of Arab architecture and enjoy the sight.

The bridge that divides the city in two
And then, we climb back up again slowly...

The market square of Ronda is cosy. In this time of the year there arn't many tourists around, and so locals are sitting on the terraces enjoying the sunshine. It must be so wonderful to wake up with a view like this. In fact, many houses are build on the side of the cliff, and there backdoor leads straight into the deep!

It was only a short visit. No time to see the famous bull fight arena... we catch another train before the night falls.

Since there was a problem with our tickets, we can ride this train in first class unexpected.
Spanish businessmen don't like it when you smile at them, it seems to make them angry, but who cares. This is first class (including air co) for free! Outside the sands are red. Red as cavemen’s drawings on the rocks. Scorched by the sun and scattered by the wind.

The Spanish people here are used to this sights. The don't find it anything special. They know how it looks. In autumn and winter, spring and summer. When misty, when cloudy, when twilight falls... Everything surrounding them seems familiar. But for me Andalusia is a sliding mystery, so I keep my eyes wide open.
They don't... They sleep or read the paper. They don't even stare outside. For them these endless fields of flowers have become meaningless...

It is already dark when we arrive in Cordoba.

cruisedancer says:
The Ronda Valley will definitely be on my list for Spain. What time of year did you go and how many days would you suggest?
Posted on: Jul 11, 2008
Zen says:
What a nice place. I've wanted to see Ronda for a while now. It looks amazing!
Posted on: Feb 26, 2007
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Mighty view over the Ronda vally
Mighty view over the Ronda vally
The bridge that divides the city i…
The bridge that divides the city …
Walking to the waterfall
Walking to the waterfall
photo by: Pearl510