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My new office

I first set out to this site with the knowdge that I had NO knowledge of where it was.  This site is at the end of a closed road about a two mile hike in, according to the map.  What the map doesn't say is the there are two closed roads, one that is visible and one that is completely overgrown.  Kona and I started out about 2 in the afternoon, down closed road 1.  We hiked to the end of the road, found a ridgline that we thought would be the best place for a radio site.  5 miles later, we gave up and headed back to the truck.  On our way back to the truck we see, in between two treetops, on another bluff, the tippy top of an antenna.  If only I had turned around at a certain point we could have found it right off.  However I am never one to complain about getting lost in the woods for hours at a time, we had a great time.

Finally we got back to the truck and figured, "hell it aint that far to where we saw the antenna, and I didn't come all this way to not find the site", so off we went.  An hour and a half later, after getting lost again, finding the remnants of an old ATV trail, we trudged our way up to the site.

Now I am REALLY lost, good thing I had my GPS or I would still be out there.

Hope you enjoy :)

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My new office
My new office
This is what happens when you set …
This is what happens when you set…
Smiled, thought the camera clicked…
Smiled, thought the camera clicke…
Kona Bear, WHOOPED!!
Kona Bear, WHOOPED!!
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