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Highschool Reunion 4 Oct 2008

Well,  what can I say,  I expected a whole bunch more than what I got, but I am glad I went. 

I drove up to PA for the short weekend and toured the highschool on Saturday afternoon on the 4th of Oct.  It has been remodeled and 'segregated'  7-8 grade/ 9-10 grade and 11-12 grade.  When I went it was one big school with 7-12th grade all in same building.  The elementary school is right beside the highschool now too.  which I find rather odd.  But apparently the bus system transports everyone now.  Whatever happened to good ole fashioned walking 1 mile all up hill.  That is what I did.   Have we gotten that lazy in the world???

Some of my own peers are now teachers and in fact one of my class mates is the vice principal of the school.

Michelle, Me and Pam. Pam and I walked to school together.
  Well at least he wanted to make a difference to the school system. 

That evening I arrived at the Hall where the reunion took place.  The attire was such a vast difference among us.  Some had on gowns and some had on jeans and a t-shirt.   A lot of us are divorced and some are happily married with children!! 

Some of the same floozies are still floozies and the 'popular ones' are still egotistic.   But none of the jocks are jocks anymore.  I was not a jock then, but now I am.  I guess I take more pride now than I did when I was young and dumb and full of c@#,   I eyeballed one of the guys that I had a big crush on 20 years ago and he just didn't look the same  Maybe it was the lack of hair or his personality is nothing to be desired anymore, but I just wasn't interested at all.  Not that I was expecting to meet the man of my dreams there.  Our class president and class treasurer still got it together though.  Some of my classmates did look the same just 20 years older.  In fact one of the guys never left our home town and he just pimped around like he owned the place.  He is 'the King' of our hometown so to speak.... hehehehehehehe. 

Of course one of my class mates was a professional football player and retired a couple years ago from the Miami Dolphins due to knee surgeries.  One of my class mates is a Pennsylvania State Trooper, one of the more honorable jobs in my opinion.  One is over in Iraq now guarding prisoners.  He is in my prayers to say the least no matter how much I disliked him in highschool.   And others are just making it.  I can't say if I am just making it or making a difference.  I'd like to think I am making a difference by still serving my country proudly still at 16 years and going strong.   

Many photos were taken and eventually they will be published,  but my scanner is somehow not connected to my computer anymore.   Eventually I will share my photos to you all!!!

That is all for now!

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Highschool Reunion 4 Oct 2008
Highschool Reunion 4 Oct 2008
Michelle, Me and Pam.  Pam and I w…
Michelle, Me and Pam. Pam and I …
photo by: nathanphil