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Episode 11: A Few more Casablanca Suburbs

 2008 is almost over.  I should be in Senegal right now, but circumstances haven't allowed that.  It's been a very rough week.

There are only a couple of Casablanca suburbs that can classify as independent towns.  Berrechid is one of them.  So today I head out towards the Berrechid grand taxi station to wander about a bit and clear my head...
Casablanca folks get a real chuckle when I tell them I "dream" of exploring Berrechid... but it's actually not a bad little town.  There's an enormous park/plaza that stretches from one end of town to the other.  In the center there's a statue of a head of grain which looks like quite a unique backdrop for my clip.  A couple of groups of young fellows hang around a bit to listen...

...It's not Senegal, but it sure beats sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. 

Once I head to the side streets, I get the odd impression that folks here have never seen a foreigner before... children point and shout... young girls whisper amongst each other in disbelief... A bit strange considering that we're only a few miles from one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa...

Enjoy some good food down by the market... Then figure I've got time to explore one more town before the year ends...


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photo by: nathanphil
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