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After hanging out with my new band in Ben Slimane, it’s too late to catch a bus to the ever-elusive Rommani--looking at the map I see I have another town jut 20 kms away--Bouznika.

 A charming little town--and I don't even go to the beach!  Don't see any hotels of any sort and it's getting a bit late--yet I’m determined to have the full Bouznika experience and worry about lodging later...

 Find a long, lantern lit pedestrian plaza.  A couple of children and a young artist come by to listen.  After a couple of times of people trying to record my song on their cell phones, I've finally decided to always carry around a couple of home-recorded CDs with me--not the best quality, but a hell lot better than cell phone recording...

 Still a bit hungry, but not sure what for... Tagine?  Beans?  Rotiserie chicken? no.

..  Then I got to "the strip" a long row of restaurants where people traveling from Casablance to Rabat stop to eat--and I knew what I wanted...

 "I'll have a portion of sheep head please..."

 "Sorry, but we only sell the whole head--you'll have to buy a whole head..."

 "How am I supposed to eat a whole head?"

 Oh well... I have to settle for a sheep intestine sandwich and a bowl of harira instead... wasn't too bad.

 Getting pretty late, and clearly no place to stay... starting to wish I had accepted that invitation in Ben Slimane.  No more trains--but there are a couple of collective cabs going north or south.  Knowing that it's hard to find a cheap room on weekends in Rabat, I decide to go ahead and catch a cab down to Mohammedia... and another late night cab from there to Casablanca... Kind of cut my weekend trip short--but it was still a very full and satisfying experience... good people... good music...

 End of Episode 05


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photo by: n8-hunter