0181. The Tekiouine Express (Mor 030--revisit)

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The famous "Tekiouine Express" station

After a couple of quiet days seeing old friends and family in Agadir,  I head out to add one more Souss town to my collection.

 Tekiouine.  This is the town that inspired my song "Tekiouine Express"--a song about the very real experience of thousands of Berber men who go to work in Europe and choose to leave there families in Morocco--coming to see them maybe twice a year.  They do this because they feel that preserving their faith, culture and values is of utmost importance--and they don't feel it's possible to do this raising their families overseas.  From my observation, most of these families remain very close-knit despite this separation.

 Anyways, Tekiouine is where a lot of buses that go directly to Paris (a three day trip) start out--taking these hardworking men back and forth.

..thus the title "Tekiouine Express".

 I remember hiking here in November of 1996, on my first long, all day hike in Morocco, starting in Agadir and exploring Beg Sergao, Tekiouine, Ait Mellioul and Inezgane all in on one day.  That hike I think was a seed that helped inspire the Adventure Life that I live today.  I remember meeting some cheerful boys playing football who told me a little bit about the town

Unfortunately, today’s trip to Tekiouine isn't quite so cheerful--a team of thieves try to pick my pockets on the bus.  Two of them stand in front of me as I try to get off the bus, while the other tries to go through my pockets. They don't get anything, but it does put a bit of a shadow on my Tekiouine experience.  Hey, I thought Casablanca was supposed to be "dangerous" and the Souss was supposed to be "safe" (?)

I wander around the dusty Tekiouine back streets onto some other village--up to a ridge that had a nice view of Ait Mellioul accross the valley.  Not a whole lot going on on a hot, Sunday midafternoon. Even the market seemed pretty much abandoned. Decided to take a collective taxi back instead.

Postnote: That “other town” was Drarga, which I come back and give a proper concert in 2011A when a do a much more memorable tour of this area. (2011A, Entry: 0906)

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The  famous Tekiouine Express st…
The famous "Tekiouine Express" s…
photo by: nathanphil