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The Hamlet On the Sea

Episode 02: Hike along the Coast

 Decide to do a slightly different sort of excursion today... since I've still got a lot of exploring to do in Casablanca--and yet I want to add another town to my parkbenching collection, I figured I'll just walk and walk in one direction until I reach the end of the city... and figure things out from there...

 It's a nice, overcast morning--not worry about needing shade, so I decide to walk southwest, along the coast.... past miles and miles of beaches, cafes, and small scale resorts--none of the big touristy stuff like in Agadir... mainly just catering to locals... It does catch my attention how many older Moroccan ladies are out jogging (usually in their traditional garb).

This is no Essaouira...
    It seems to be my observation that in the last couple of years, Moroccan women have become more conservative in their dress--while at the same time, more free to participate in activities that used to be "men only" (like jogging on the beach). It’s an interesting development.

 Find a charming little medina-style hamlet perched on a pile of rocks stuck out at sea--it seems that in high tide this hamlet would be surrounded by water... This is Sidi Abderrahman, the tomb of a saint and a minor pilgrimage spot.

 Finally the beach areas ends and I find myself walking along the Casablanca-Jedida highway.  A sign reads "Casablanca 12 kms (back), Dar Boazza 12 kms (ahead).  I figure "what the hell... I'm halfway there--why not just go discover Dar Boazza... on foot?"

There's something very satisfying about walking to a town you've never been to before--even if the way there be a bit drab... just the sense of conquest you get...

So after about 10 kilometers of brown ridges sprinkled with an occasional upscale villa or maybe a cluster of houses… a couple of fellows resting under a eucalyptus tree hollered out to me... They seemed to be the respectable type, so I headed over and introduced myself.  Abdullah and his gang were older--lower middle class fellows who were eager to hear some of my songs.  This was a bit unusual--most Moroccan men over forty don't have much interest in music or in striking up a conversation with a foreigner.  One of the fellows was a Berber who treated us to some Tashlhit tunes... then, over a bottle of Coca cola we discussed a whole range of topics--from what life is really like for Moroccans living abroad to how Vietnamese feel about Americans... A very pleasant group of fellas.

I asked if I could take a picture of us all.

"Better not--we're actually supposed to be working right now..."

Finally we parted company and I continued my trek to Dar Boazza.

Postnote: years later I run into one of these guys in Casablanca—although I didn’t recognize him at first… he was in a police uniform!

Dar Boazza turns out to  be a bit unimpressive--just a lot of vacation homes with a couple of shantytowns (brrakas) sandwiched in between--and then, of course, the trashed littered empty lots.  There was a little sardine market along the rocky shore--but this is definitely no Essaouira.

Decided to follow the coastline a little ways to see if there is anything more to discover.

Reach a nice, crowded beach area and a sign that said "Dar Boazza 3 km" (back) and "Tamaris 3 km" (ahead).

That old halfway point again... alright, alright, let's go see what Tamaris has to offer...


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The Hamlet On the Sea
The Hamlet On the Sea
This is no Essaouira...
This is no Essaouira...
Dar Boazza
photo by: nathanphil