Dingle to Dunquin: Day Four of the Dingle Way

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Rain, rain go away...Don't come back until we're in WISCO.
Well, back on the trail! A word of advice to future hikers on this trip: get cash ahead of time! We encountered numerous difficulties getting cash from the ATMs as they were out of money, out of service, or non-existent. Many of the accommodations do not take credit cards, so be warned... The morning we tried to leave Dingle, we found both ATMs to be out-of-service, but we eventually got cash at a store.

So, leaving Dingle we hit a lot of road walking, but it eventually led to Ventry beach which was quite beautiful. On the way to Ventry, it started downpouring!!! Andy ripped his poncho to shreds trying to get it over his new walking poles. I was drenched trying to help him get his poncho over his backpack and walking poles WITHOUT my own on!!! Soon, the wind blew the storms away, and the sun poked out!

Today contained the most beautiful scenery of the walk so far, but unfortunately Andy was suffering from some major blistering.
Trying out the new poles on Ventry Beach.
I, being the nice wife that I am, didn't want to keep stopping because I knew that stopping only made blisters worse...so I ended up getting totally sunburnt because I didn't stop to reapply the sunscreen or put the bandana on my head. Oops! So, by the end of the day, Andy was in tennis shoes walking along Mount Eagle and I was a red lobster!

Anyway, enough about us...the walk was awesome! We got to walk 2.5 K along the beach. We saw lots of locals frolicking...some exercising, others finding shells, and others using "products" to enhance the beauty of the beach... After that, we went into a short boreen which was supposed to lead to another. This is where we ran into a bit of a problem. Apparently, some farmers don't want the Dingle Way to go through their property anymore, so they have posted signs directing walkers elsewhere.
Too many blisters=tennis shoes on the trail!
We ended up following the farmers' signs and walking on a major highway. We actually stopped at someone's house to ask if we were headed in the correct direction. He confirmed that, yes - we were to keep walking on the highway. He was obviously one of the farmers, I guess! Our B and B owner later told us this is sort of an ongoing battle and conflict between those in favor of letting nature be free to everyone versus privacy. So...anyway, eventually we got back onto the path which took us over the shoulder of Mt. Eagle.

Here, we saw countless amount of old ruins...we're talking B.C. and early A.D. ruins including almost complete ring forts and beehive huts. We tried capturing the amount on camera, but it was really impossible -- there were so many! It was almost eerie in a way.
Ring forts on the shoulder of Mt. Eagle.
..knowing that all these things have seen countless eras and generations. Super cool nonetheless! The sheep, of course, also entertained us with their skittishness and loud, angry baahs!!!

After going over a stream, we came upon Slea Head and a view of the Blasket Islands, including the Sleeping Giant island...which seriously looks like a sleeping giant! It's literally impossible to look at the island without seeing a giant. I think today showed us the most beautiful scenery so far since we've been in Ireland. I should also mention that the beach upon which Ryan's Daughter was filmed was right below Slea Head. When we were Andy's aunts, we actually spent time on this beach!!

Up by the Slea Head lookout points, tons of day hikers and campers appeared, so Andy and I actually got a photo taken of us together on the trail!

We descended back onto the highway and headed to our B and B.
Que bonita! Slea Head.
After showering and having a cup of tea, Andy and I headed to the most westerly pub in Europe - Kruegers! There is a sign pointing out that the next pub is in Boston! This was a fun bar, with great bartenders and awesome soup and sandwiches. At the bar, we watched a game of hurling. Our bartender explained that the players are all professionals by day and hurling athletes by night. They don't get paid or anything; it's all for the love of the sport and the county pride. There is no trading or anything.

We went home after Andy had his 28th Guinness of this trip (since June 20th), and slept well...awaiting the next day's adventure: Blasket Island!

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Rain, rain go away...Dont come ba…
Rain, rain go away...Don't come b…
Trying out the new poles on Ventry…
Trying out the new poles on Ventr…
Too many blisters=tennis shoes on …
Too many blisters=tennis shoes on…
Ring forts on the shoulder of Mt. …
Ring forts on the shoulder of Mt.…
Que bonita! Slea Head.
Que bonita! Slea Head.
The Sleeping Giant island. Can you…
The Sleeping Giant island. Can yo…
photo by: darcylapp