Dingle Days: "Happy Birthday to Me!" says Andy.

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"Go see Fungi. That's all," says John to Andy. This is at Foxy John's Hardware Store.

We have spent the last three nights in Dingle and will set off for another leg of our hike tomorrow. Lots of quirky, fun things have occured over the last few days. I'll start with a pint at Foxy John's Hardware Store ~ literally, this place is both a hardware store and a pub. While there, Andy struck up a conversation with an older, local man named John. Andy wanted to know where we should go eat. John replied, "My wife does the cooking. I don't know." Then, Andy asked him what there was for people to do in Dingle. John replied, with a thick Irish accent, "Go see Fungi, the dolphin. That's all."  We found these comments both endearing and humorous; after all, this man had lived here his whole life!

Well, we knew there had to be more to the town than that.

After some beers at the Dingle Pub.
..but as it turns out, all we've done the past few days is indulge ourselves. After weeks in Ireland, sharing soup for lunch and dinner everyday due to the value of the dollar, we've made up for it here with fine seafood, take-away fish and chips, and many, many beers. Oddly enough, we haven't seen Fungi. We did take the man's advice and walk down to find the dolphin, but it started raining (wow - no way!), so we turned around. We decided that given our great time in this town, missing the town dolphin was okay.

As for spectacular moments here, I'd have to say that last night's dinner at the Out of the Blue restaurant was the thing that first comes to mind. The Out of the Blue restaurant only serves fish caught fresh, meaning the menu is constantly changing. If there is no fish caught, no fish is served.

It's raining!
The menu was written on a chalkboard and carried around to each table by waitresses. The fish was absolutely amazing. It literally fell off the fork as I suppose fresh fish is supposed to do. Given that Andy's favorite thing in the world is food (well, other than the cats and hopefully me), this birthday dinner was super fitting!

Another fun memory to share was our time at Dick Mack's pub. This is a pretty famous pub; many actresses and actors stop in here. Outside the pub there are actually stars on the ground with visiting celebrities' names. Julia Roberts was one among others which I can't remember. Andy read an article inside about Tom Cruise not making the cut for a star because he never actually came into the pub and had a pint. Anyway, what really got me was our bartender.

Andy is in his element on his birthday, shopping at the Dingle Market.
He cracked me up, by saying things like, "Sex, Drugs, and Sausage Rolls!" Ha!!!  Yes, you read correctly..."Sex, Drugs, and Sausage Rolls!!" Just writing this sentence is making me laugh. Dick Mack's pub was really what I was expecting from an Irish pub!!! Great place and friendly people:)

Today, we happened to stumble upon the Friday Dingle market. Wow, what a find...and on Andy's birthday too! We've purchased some local artisan cheeses, breads, chutneys, and produce to have a picnic in our room tonight! I really love this little town despite all the tourists (of which, I realize I am one). We're a bit sad to leave tomorrow, but the trail is really calling us! It will be great!

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Go see Fungi. Thats all, says J…
"Go see Fungi. That's all," says …
After some beers at the Dingle Pub.
After some beers at the Dingle Pub.
Its raining!
It's raining!
Andy is in his element on his birt…
Andy is in his element on his bir…
photo by: Nzelvis