Camp to Annascaul: Day Two of the Dingle Way

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Happily walking on a real path:)

As mentioned previously, we had the BEST breakfast at the Moan Laur in Camp. We were a bit sad and nervous to set out on the hike this morning, but our hosts assured us it would be better. The weather was not looking good, but we put on our gear and headed onto the trail. Did I mention our boots were still wet from the previous day?!?!!? Particularly mine (Darcy's) due to the boggy, sheep-foul  mess I had fallen into!

Within minutes on the trail, we couldn't help but start singing out loud, "It's a GREAT DAY on the Dingle WAY!" Cheesy, but true. Things were looking great. The sun started to shine, we actually spotted other hikers (unlike the first day when we didn't see a single soul), and the path was really well-marked. We passed lots and lots of sheep as we contined on the Slieve Mountains (but not boggy or moorlandy paths today)! We went through a beautiful conifer forest, which reminded us of Alaska, and eventually made it to Inch Strand.

One of many pics we have of Andy with horses!
..where an Inch is a mile. FYI: This is where the set was for the Coldplay video, "Parachutes" and for the filming of part of Ryan's Daughter. Andy got a little overanxious when he saw the beautiful beach and ran down a path loaded with cow foul! Nasty! When it got to the point of being over our shoes, I said, "I think this is the wrong way...." He agreed, and we backtracked to find the correct road leading to the beach. It was, in an Irish word, LOVELY.

After some cafe con leche (oops, wrong country), we headed back onto the trail. It's hard to articulate how happy we were with the trail this day! I think, in a way, it was super grand that the first day was so difficult. The appreciation for the well-marked path and beautiful scenery would not have been the same had we had a super easy first day.

Inch Strand from the hiking trail.
Soon, we were in Annascaul checking into our B an B (Old Anchor Inn) and grabbing a bite to eat. For trivia purposes: Annascaul is a famous village because of Tom Cream (early 1900s) who led many expeditions and did many heroic things in Antaractica.

Annascaul is a one-road town, under 100 inhabitants, but over six pubs! We managed to find our way into Hannafinn's Pub, which was a pretty local pub. As we were entering, they were lighting a turf fire in the fireplace. We chatted it up with the bartenders, who couldn't believe we were crazy enough to do the Dingle Way or that we were Americans. She tried to tell us that only Germans hike...Americans do not hike, she believed! The only customers in the bar were ourselves and another older Irishman named Charlie. Everything we said, the bartender belted across the bar, "Hey Charlie...these two are teachers!", "Hey Charlie...they're hiking the Dingle Way!", "Hey Charlie....they're from Wisconsin." Our whole conversation carried this way until Andy's Guinness was gone.

This was a great day!

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Happily walking on a real path:)
Happily walking on a real path:)
One of many pics we have of Andy w…
One of many pics we have of Andy …
Inch Strand from the  hiking trail.
Inch Strand from the hiking trail.
Watching the swimmers (crazies!) a…
Watching the swimmers (crazies!) …
We believe this is an old famine h…
We believe this is an old famine …
At the Hannafinns bar, admiring t…
At the Hannafinn's bar, admiring …
photo by: Nzelvis