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Today was our chance to see the first National Monument.  President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower the first National Monument in 1906.  This amazing formation rises nearly 1,300 feet into the air above the Belle Fourche River and is one of the most well recognized natural places.  Of course the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” also has made the site famous.  This 1,347 acre park not only includes the wonderful tall rock formation which no one can explain, but is covered with pine forests, woodlands, and grasslands. Deer, prairie dogs, and other wildlife are seen.      


Native American's consider Devil's Tower a sacred place, and have several legends on how it was formed.  One story tells of seven sisters playing in the woods who encountered a bear.  They ran to a small rock where they stood upon it and prayed, "Please take pity on us rock and save us from the bear."  The rock touched by their faith took pity on the girls and grew into the sky.  The bear tried to climb up the rock, digging its claws into the sides, carving them as he slid down, until he broke all of his claws off and crashed to the ground.  The seven sisters were then taken into the sky by the Great Spirit.  Today if you look up in the night sky you can still see the seven sisters, they are the seven stars of Pleiades Cluster.  The rock also remains as Devil's Tower.

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Devil's Tower National Monument
photo by: Hummingbird